Helpful Factsheets

Helpful Factsheets

Hello lovely people! We have added a few more #Factsheets to our collection - new topics covered include Medication and Arthritis, and Gadgets that can be helpful to people with arthritis - questions we get asked about every day.

We thought you would like to have a look at the downloadable (and printable) free pdf documents. You can see all of them here:


Arthritis Action's Communcations Officer

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  • Many thanks, very useful.

  • Brilliant, thank you!

  • Hello HU community! Our latest Factsheet on Diet and Arthritis is now up on our website - thought i'd share this with you, as we have based these information documents on conversations people have had on here, and frequently asked questions from our Members.

    The latest one:

    You can read them all here:


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