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Relaxing Sunday

Had a very relaxing day on Sunday with it being a very cold day I did exactly what I said I probably would do in my last post , and that's stay in my pjs all day. With exception of coming out of them long enough to take a shower then they went right back on afterwards. No one to the subject with my OA and siatica nerve pain. Been trying to figure out what to do about the siaticia pain. It really makes days long when it acts up on me. The thing is if I go on and try the physical therapy in my mind it won't help. Nothing has help with exception of staying off my feet. That being said I started thinking on what I could use to help me get around so it won't aggravate my siaticia nerve. Because I hate being a couch potato. I don't want this to keep me on my couch all the time because of the pain it causes if I'm on my feet to long or to much. If I'm sitting up right I'm not in pain . So this question has popped in my head several times. Should I start using a wheelchair? Between the osteo pain and this it seem like alot. I know I need to keep the joints moving for exercise, that I'm aware of. It's just in feel it'll help me more if I start using a wheelchair from time to time. Especially if I'm going to be out for a long time that's when it acts up if I'm on my feet to long. I'm also comfortable when laying on my side. Having the thought of having to use a wheelchair I'm not liking. I know I'm not going to be the person I was before the arthritis and siatica nerve pain I just want to be comfortable again. What is it going to take in order to be comfortable again. I've had the pain all day too . Of course I've been on my feet all day too. My doctor I saw last week really did give me the answering was look for. What to do what to do.

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For siatica pain massage is good. Stretching also, and the hot and cold method of ice pack for 10 minutes and then heating pad. At this point, I don't know exactly what I have, JD. It could be fibromyalgia combined with arthritis.

You will know when the time comes (if) you require a wheel chair. I know you (as everyone else) enjoys independence and I can understand your reluctance on this issue. But moving is essential if painful. If I had the money, I would go to the Mayo Clinic where they give you a full evaluation concerning the body. We don't have such in the UK. Just various specialists who seem to shrug it off which is dismal and can be expensive.

Glad though you had a relaxing day and keep your chin up!


Sookiedee it feels like it's starting on my left side now. Just what I need for it to be acting up on my left side. It hasn't gotten to intense on my left like it has on my right side. This waking up out of a dead sleep has got to stop too. It has been known to wake me up when I'm trying to get some rest during the night. When it wakes me up during the night it hits me with avengeance all the way from my lower back to my foot. I guess i should call my doctors office to get setup with a physical therapist. Tonight I'm also feel the burning sensation through my toes with my right foot. Is the same sensation in feel down my leg. But also goes through the bottom of my foot.


JD, I have that in one leg or the other when I go to bed. It's a slight pain but keeps me awake. Really frustrating. Do you think you have nerve compression? I really find it hard for someone to diagnose this, and you probably do too. Any meds to take before you sleep? Hope you can get a sound rest tonight.



I think we know in our hearts what we need. I was reluctant to use a stick but it got me to a stage where I could leave the house so I did it. I was given crutches when I had my knee replacement and have used the crutches when I got really bad Gout. If you feel a wheelchair will help you use one. No one knows our body like we do, so you do what you need to. Gentle hugs coming your way.

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Thanks for your understanding heacd wrecked, The simple fact is between my OA and the siaticia nerve pain I have days that I hurt like you wouldn't believe. None of the prescriptions meds I've tried in the last 3 year have helped. Now physical therapy might help but that will only last for a little while for me. I'm also thinking long term as well. In the last two years mine has progressed in the upper part of my spine. I've already been feeling it in the liberal part. Some days that can take me to my knees. So I think the only logical thing to do at this point is to probably invest in a good rigid wheelchair like a tilite to keep on hand . One that's light weight and I have no problems putting it in my car and taking it out as well , with no assistance. I also think 5 to 6 years from now I'll be at the point of having no choice but to use one to get around. I hope I'm wrong, but I know I need to hope for the best but be prepared for the worst of what ever the outcome may be in the next few years from now. I already have a hard time with my joints if I'm out to long and standing for long periods of time. I am aware that I still need to exercise the joints but feel I need something else like a wheelchair for myself on my bad days. I'm not one to complain when I hurt of feel bad but I know when my body is telling me enough is enough. J. D. Quinn


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