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Sjrogens/Lupus/May be/Help

Anyone with ANA positive homogenous pattern titre 1:1280 as well as a lupus anticoagulant which was detected.

Often have aching episodes flu like symptoms and feel very unwell especially on waking after lying on my back and bottom. Often have bouts of faecal urgency and now incomplete evacuation. This has all led to an internal rectal prolapse condition.

I wake with my body aching and I though most of this was due to some cervical issues C5/C6 severe narrowing. I also have low back pain on waking L5/S1 with possible facet joint deterioration (and to complicate) some pelvic lumps near the sciatic nerve showing stability which may or may not be significant!

Could this condition which may have been left for years undiagnosed cause an inflammatory response to my internal organs and cause havoc with my rectum and internal organs and nervous system. Little coming together of specialists for complaints does not help in the UK medical approach to illness.

Rheumatologists over the years have said the high ANA means nothing!

I am now down for a ventral rectopexy on the colorectal side as I appear to have internal rectal prolapse to what degrees is debatable . I cannot sit down without discomfort within the anal canal and have bouts of faecal urgency.

I am awaiting a rheumatolgoy 3 month appointment after these results and as usual the hospital is oversubscribed. Should I be taking something to thin my blood. I often get horrific leg cramps and am concerned. I was thinking the cramps which are highly painful were due to lack of salt.

Just wondering if I would have been better off with a drug over the years. Have read that anti malaria drugs and steriod is often given and this drug in itself can also cause problems!! There appears to be no wining.

Any feedback with this would be helpful.

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this is quite a personal post , so you might consider locking it. There are instructions on how to do this on the fibro site. So I'll just reply to the cramp. I had mega cramp a while back and thought I might be short on potassium ( eating bananas wasn't enough) so I bought pottasium pills and took them for 3 weeks and that worked for me. But you might want to check with a pharmacist first, if you feel it is worth trying them.


Thanks for that info re potassium. I am most grateful.

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