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Having other medical conditions in addition to osteoathritis

I have polymyalagia. For 3 years I have been prescribed predisilone steroid tablets - as a side effect I have put on weight, diagnosed with osteoparosis, developed cataracts and have now ostoeathritis. I have bearable pain in most of my joints by one knee is very sore- I can't sleep or get my legs over the bath to shower -I cannot do the simplest of tasks for the pain even though I take tramadol and paracetamal - is there anything else my GP could give me?

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I too have PMR and have developed OA in both knees and now a hip. At the beginning, I found steroid injections into the knees really helped- have you tried this? My Rheumatologist will do this whenever I want it.Co-codamol doesn't work very well except that it does help me to sleep when the hip is playing up as it is now. The problem is also the interaction between the PMR and the OA- which pain is what and I think it makes the pain worse for us PMR sufferers. Do you think you are on the right dose of Pred. too? I have always struggled to get below 10 mgs. for the last 4 years.


Hi I have psoriasis OA psoriatic arthritis COPD and a low immune system. I take sulfasalazine Leflunomide cocodamol for the P and PsA . And when I get an infection I have to come off my medication for the arthritis if I have to take antibiotics. My resp consultant dosnt want me to have steroid injections due to side effects. Also I have to take them when I get wheezy. The medication I take for arthritis works okay for me I am not in as much pain as I was when first dx with it . I try to walk every day. Can't walk more than 20 meters without being in pain or breathless. But it dosnt stop me from moving about. I have been to a few pulmanoary rehab classes. And am going on a 16 week course at my local gym tomorrow for people with lung problems. Because there is no way I am just going to give up.


Hello polyart and thank you for posting. We are sorry to hear of your experience and pain. We hope you find the online community here supportive and helpful.

For any information on self-management, our upcoming events or getting treatment with physical therapists, do have a look at our website:

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