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Injection into hip??

This is my first post here- I am a member of the PMR/GCA forum too as I have had PMR for nearly 5 years and been on steroids for all that time. I think, due to putting on weight and being less mobile, I have developed OA in both knees and my right hip. I get a lot of pain but am not yet bad enough for surgery. My Rheumatologist has been giving me regular steroid injections in the knees which worked very well initially, less so now. He has just referred me to have a steroid injection into the hip joint using ultrasound and my appointment is on 18th Feb.

Has anyone had this procedure , did it work for the pain and was it a painful procedure? I am a little worried about how big a needle would have to be to get right into the joint!

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Hi Suzy, I hate to say this but if I had the same injection as you may be having in your hip, I have to say it was quite painful and the pain decreased for only a matter of 2/3 weeks then came back with a vengeance! I had to go into hospital early in the morning, had the injection, then had to go to a ward to rest for a few hours until my daughter collected me. Others I have spoken to seemed to have had a much simpler procedure and had it carried out in a GP's surgery. I'm a 77 year old female, not usually phased by pain, but it was quite uncomfortable, although I was given a local anaesthetic beforehand. I'm now waiting for a hip replacement. I would be interested to learn how you get on, and wish you the best of luck. I hope it works for you.


Oh dear! I had a feeling it might hurt and also might not work! I had injections into the facet joints in my back about 5 years ago and I was sedated for those, but maybe that was because I went privately that time? The only instructions I have this time is not to drive myself home.I'm only 57 years old which is partly why I'm looking at any alternative to a replacement- also because I'm on steroids and overweight and have muscle problems due to the PMR ,which means that the origin of the pain is not clear either.

Thankyou for the reply.


Hi Suzy, I had a friend who had an injection for which she was sedated and that was when she went private. Maybe it was the same injection that I had, but in her case it was successful. I too would love to find an alternative because at the moment I'm undergoing tests to see if my heart is o.k. for the op. Never ends does it!

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Welcome to the Arthritis Action Group suzy1959 and thank you for posting! We are sorry to hear you are worried - and wish you all the best for your procedure.

If you want to find any further information on arthritis, our services or upcoming events, have a look at our website or call us on 020 3781 7120.

Wishing you all the best,


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