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Snow storm

Well the snow storm that came through Friday night finally left. It snowed all day long on Saturday until about 430 or 5pm. We ended up with almost a foot of snow on the ground. As cold temperatures do with arthritis pain mine did act up all day in my shoulders , knees , feet and lower back as well. Was also feeling it in the hands and wrist as well. It's not supposed to come out of the 20s today. Do the snow will hang around today and most likely tomorrow as well. It's the first storm for this winter so far to come through. My pug isn't liking the snow what so ever. I can't say I blame him . Well everyone have a good day today and hopefully stay pain free with arthritis pain. J. D. Quinn

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You have a good day too JD, and I love Pugs! Heard from my Mom in North Carolina and temperature was going down to 13 degrees when we last talked.

Everything was cancelled with the events she usually attends. Where are the salt trucks when you need them??

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Oh they're out there. They are getting main roads first from what I heard yesterday. I'm waiting to find out later today if I even go into work tomorrow morning or not. My guess is I probably won't go in.


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