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MIA aftet TKR

Saw my surgeon yesterday, 5 months after my TKR and he now wants to do a Manipulation under anaesthetic. I only have a 65% bend due to lesions and muscle deterioration. I am in constant pain and have very limited mobility.

Dies anyone have any experience or advise about this procedure? All the surgeon will say is that there are no guarantees and it will be painful and a similar post op recovery process as the TKR.

Have no confidence in making the decision.

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Hi Tigger21

Sorry to hear your TKR is not progression as well as you expected. I had mine done one year ago and I'm very happy with it. I walked with a limp and on a stick i'm so much better now. I do still have some pain and while my bend is near perfect I can still feel a restriction in the knee cap area. I saw the consultant yesterday and he said it needs a complete 18 months to recover totally.

If I was not happy with my results I would definitely opt for manipulation under anesthetic. A Dr will never guarantee anything because if it does not meet your expectations he can be sued. I honestly don't think it could be as painful as another knee replacement. I was in so much pain before that for me the replacement was a piece of cake and I realize I was very lucky.

What you have to ask yourself is could it be worse than it is at the moment ( constant pain and restriction of mobility) and it does not sound like it could be I would opt for it. Did you ask what he meant by similar post op to the TKR I imagine he means use a crutch, don't drive for 6 weeks and do your exercises daily and ice regularly. That is not so bad if it gets you mobile again. Good luck with your decision and your recovery.


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Thanks for your reply. It is good to hear of positive outcomes. Still unsure of a Manipulation as it sounds so barbaric and the thought of volunteering for more pain with no gain is very hard to do. The other issue for me is that the team at the hospital for the manipulation will not be the be the team that sees me post op for physio because of distance, this has not helped me after the TKR so am not confident of the support.


We are sorry to hear of your dilemma Tigger21 and hope you find the information and advice you need soon. We would always advise asking your GP and specialist clinicians to explain the processes with you - even if this is not always easy to request, as they are the only ones qualified to talk you trough a medical treatment really.

We wish you all the best,


Arthritis Action Communications Officer


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