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what do I need to know? newbie!

I'm 44 and just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis primarliy in my hands, but also in right wrist and shoulder, they are querying gout although this can't be diet related. I have had Hashimotos (thyroid autoimmune) for about 5 years, and from what I have read it's possible that the gout is related to insulin resistance which is a linked to Hashimotos.

Anyway, what I wanted to know is where should I start finding out more about how to manage and minimise this. I'm reasonably active, a teacher(lots of writing and typing), who loves scuba diving, rock climbing and walking. At the moment I'm quiet scared about how this is going to progress and what I should do/ can do to help myself.

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Hi Seastar

I have Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and Fibromyalgia to name but a few of my ails. I also suffer from Gout and was told its a form of Arthritis. As your an active person that is to your benefit. I don't think any doctor can ever tell you what the future holds but I think knowledge is power. I would get in touch with the Arthritis Society they can be a mine of information and read as much as you can on the subject. I have gentle massages as often as possible and do meditation as I believe that if you are in a more relaxed state you deal better with pain. I wish you all the best.



Hi Seastar

I'm exactly at the same stage as you; just got diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hands and awaiting blood tests to confirm things. I'm 48 years old and also active and healthy, not overweight and no other conditions excepting a weird flare up on my left foot a couple of weeks ago like gout, but it settled within 24 hours.

I suspect its also in my right shoulder and wrist but need confirmation. Do sometimes get neck pain as well. Like you I work and love my job (office based in a school) and am scared as to how this will progress.

I've ordered some supplements and a compression glove to see if it helps with the pain in my hands. Also want to know how best to help myself stay well and active. Wishing you all the best


Hi seastar

I did a course called living well with a chronic illness it was a wonderful six week course. I live in Dublin I don know where your based but the Arthritis Associations in the country where you live is a great source of information of courses. I met some lovely women who are good friends and although we all have different illnesses its lovely to connect with orhers on a similar situation. You sound like you do everything you can to manage your health which is all we can do.

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