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Hi, due to osteoarthritis I am due to see consultant regarding total knee replacement this month. My problem is I also have really bad arthritis and nerve problems in my feet (trouble getting them going in the morning, re: pain) and can hardly bear to walk of an evening after being on them on and off during the day, I also have bad lower back pain too. Having my knee done will be one pain less hopefully but I am worried about the exercises I will need to do after the op and whether I will be able to do them properly with the feet and back problems. Has anyone else on here had this problem and can it be gotten over?

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  • Hi I had a knee re last year yes at first I really hard and painfull but surprisingly how quick you get up and going all the. Excesses I was given were either lying down or sitting on a chair yo will feel the benefit but it's worth it I did find once everything

    Began to settle own my other pains were also eased to a point

    Good luck on your operation .

  • Hi, hearing all the exercises were either lying down or sitting in a chair is a great relief as that means I will be able to do them properly thanks for the info

  • I know the problem of not being able to walk in the morning and I hope that your forthcoming knee replacement will help you. The backk pain is another matter though because the knee replacement if to cope with the wear and tear in the knee. I would suggest that you keep on doing the exercises with a therapist and then afterwards as well . It might help with the back pain. I am on very strong pain relief for my back affects everything. I hope your operation will go well.

  • Hi and thank you, regarding back pain I am beginning to think that my back pain affects my feet I am on Gabapentin & co-codamol although the latter I rarely take as it makes me feel quite poorly in another way. Having my knee done & seeing therapist afterwards will suit me well as the old exercises I was given (3yrs ago) don't seem to help now as my feet & pain pain has changed so much over the time

  • Hi Vondel I too have really bad back pain, hips ,knees, feet,neck,collarbone,shoulders, wrists and my hands my back gets so bad I have to get my husband to lift me out of bed into sitting position then it takes a while to get going it eases slightly during the day then takes hold by afternoon I'm taking gabapentin, amitriptyline,cocodamol serc (for menieres) and I'm convinced it's gabapentin that's giving me the problems with memory I also have the vibrating feeling in my feet I thought I was losing the plot but I put it down to the fact I've also got peripheral neuropathy, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia Raynaud's also have depression and anxiety and other mental health issues I've found if I take gabapentin and sertraline together I get really bad acid reflux so I've got to try and separate pills that react with each other

  • Hi Shooby, You sound as though you have much worse problems than me but very similar in many ways. I do wonder if most of the problems stem from nerves either being pressed or trapped in one way or another. Sometimes my feet feel like somebody has jumped on the top of them and crunched the bones inside.The pain is on top of my foot but just lately it's under the instep too with shooting pains across the top & also at back of ankle making me quite unstable and stagger like some drunk! I also have trouble with my neck at back and side worse when sitting and a very muzzy head when typing I have to check everything as although all the letters are there I have often written the word back the front, I wonder if it is the Gabapentin? I do not even think it's working for me now. I hope things get sorted out with you pills as many of them are really bad for our stomach, take care


  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear you have a lot of problems but I think the knee replacement sounds positive. I had a hip replacement and have foot problems too but the relief from the hip was such a plus. It might be worth asking if you can get pre operative physiotherapy from your Gp or hospital as you can run through the exercises post op, but also discuss possible adaptations to suit you best. It isn't always possible and it can be hit and miss on the physios you see but I'd say it's worth a shot. All the best in your recovery. C

  • hi ive just had my knee replacement done 8 days ago, but due to severe pain in my stomach caused by co codemol, im on .weak painkillers at the moment, the pain post op is at the moment unbearable! hope to god it improves soon, can anyone who has also had a knee replacement done tell me how they managed there pain? any advice????

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