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Feeling fed up

I need to have a moan . My poor long suffering husband needs a break. My feet are killing me. In fact if my writs and fingers where not so bad I would probably chop my feet off at this point. Trouble is cant lift a cup of tea let along a suitable axe. Every step is an ouch. I have this most days but its now nearly 3pm and they are still hurting and have been since yesterday morning. Whats going on. Sorry guys I know your hurting too but had to let it out. Thanks for listening xxxxxx

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You poor thing thank god you have a hubby to moan at my poor man is worn down listening to my complaining he was a six footer now hes three foot six (bad joke sorry). Have you a diagnosis for the pain your in is it Arthritis. I have Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia and my feet give me hell. I have a bunion that's started hurting like hell which I thought was Gout as I had that just previously. My fingers hurt like hell as I have arthritis in them also. I have a rotator cuff tear that needs surgery also.

I found a support group I attend for Arthritis and Fibro and I read as much as I can on the subject. I meet up with the women as much as I can. I go to a meditation class and an art class that's not easy cos of the pain in my fingers but I like being in the zone I feel a bit more normal and I go to a counselor that understands pain. I do my very best to be upbeat its not easy because i also have depression but you do the best you can to get the best out of life you can. I hope you get sorted soon. Take care of yourself.



Hi Heacdwrecked

Bad jokes are always the best. My husband is getting to the point were he dare not ask how my day has been and Im getting to point of saying its been Ok even when its not. Core I have blinking bunions too. Mind that due to wearing High heels most of my teen and adult life. I miss my heels as I am only just 5ft 3.

I am awaiting an absolute diagnosis but so far its a toss up between Rheumatoid and psorotic arthritis. The later being the more likely. Once I know for certain which it is I will then get some meds . Like you I try and stay upbeat but some days I just can not.

Thanks for your reply its nice to know your not alone


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Hi Kyriew. I know all about ouching feet. I was diagnosed with arthritis many years ago. In the last couple of years my feet have gone from a size 7 to a 9! Both arches on both feet completely flopped. This is and has been a very painful process. I used to have 51/2 feet in my twenties. Now in my late fifties, like you I just want the woodcutter to come along and relieve me of all this pain. Nothing works for the pain and am now at the point where I may need a lot of the bones in my feet fused. I don't know if anyone has had this done and whether it worked. If I walk like a duck with foot drop now...?The only little thing that helps is the RICE treatment - rest and ice packs. I also elevate my feet several times a day so the swelling goes down in order to put my slippers on. I hope you can get help with your painful plates and puddies. Good luck.

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Yep, i have a long suffering husband as well. He's put up with my having R A for 28 years now. I don't think we quite appreciate how it effects family who have to constantly put up with us. Perhaps they should have their own site to communicate with and support each other. I take it you are elevating your feet - tried a gentle foot massage maybe ?


ouch poor you- been there until tuesday bum jab ? cortisone or similar. any painkillers u can tolerate? someone else here mentions RICE, and i rely on feldene gel for ankles , and ankle boots with velcro. cd u get to a pool but in easy to manage clothes, kaftan or track suit otherwise changing is a prob. does yr gp know re yr pain - shout and shout loud. warm footbath then cold or vice versa [washing up bowls or similar] if he cd fill em 4u. thinking of u, wd cross fingers if i cd. moan on - better 2us and the medics rather than hubby. xox


Hi GranAmie

Ive not tired feldene gel will see if I can get some today. Thanks for the input



it's just a gel u rub in containing ? ibuprofen or some other painkiller - they gave it me in hospital and it cools down the ouches a good deal - but you also need to keep your feet up as and when u can . may only br on prescription. good luck x


Better out than in as they say as it is so difficult to really vent with our partners as it only seems to worry them. I think the cooler weather doesn't help painful feet If you have any Epsom Salts soak your feet for half an hour with a cupful or two of the salts as it can really was the aches. I then smear some cool gel on afterwards. Do hope the pain easesx


Thanks all these tips are really helpful. xxx


Hope at least one of them works.x


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