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Hi.. Im new here.. I had my left knee replaced 02.06.2016.... 3 weeks on and I developed an infection which to this day remains. I have had swabs done which shows the infection is resilient to Antibiotics. Dr's think I may be allergic to the internal stitching. I have had this in the length of my scar, not in one hit. It clears up in one place only to appear in another, the scar itself I have been on silva Gauze to help.. nothing.. Today back at Dr's only to be put on more meds!!!! totally fed up... any ideas/tips.....

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Welcome to the group LisaJo65! We are sorry to hear your are having a difficult time and experiencing pain. We hope this platform here offers some information and you find the support of the HU community helpful.

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Hi Lisa. My name is Geri and I'm also new to this part of the site. I originally joined to help my sister who has Parkinsons. I am venturing out today for the first time in 2 weeks since my total knee replacement surgery to go see the orthopedist. The day before my surgery I began having UTI symptoms. I went for the surgery the next morning and told them. They took urine, cultured it and after the surgery I was put on Macrobid. I still have the UTI and am freaking out after reading your email. I hope they find the right antibiotic for you and am so sorry you are going through this. Keep us posted. Trust they will deal with it, if not, perhaps seek out an infectious disease doctor. They are the ones who really understand these stubborn bacteria and put you on the right thing. I live in south Florida and could recommend a wonderful Dr. for that. Don't know where you are, but if you want the name just email me back through this site. Good luck to you.


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