Knee replacement???

Well I have just been in for what I thought was going to be a knee replacement. However they decided to do an arthroscopy which led them to carrying out a partial medial menisectomy and implantation of trochlear hemiarthroplasty ( whatever that is). Now on my discharge summary he has put I have a grade 4 osteochondral lesion and he admitted to me the arthritis in my knee was worse than what he expected. So it begs the question why didn't he resolve all my issues and replace my knee as he was meant too? Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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  • They try not to do them if they can get out of it it seems I have been waiting for years and they just refuse to do it. The knee only lasts 10 years so it can depend on your age only way I had one done was privately 11 years ago when I was married and my now ex had BUPA but NHS same consultant totally refused even though my first wasn’t right from the beginning. Just keep being told not old enough. I am now 55 have had knee problems since I was 14 I can understand at that age but now. I honestly don’t know why they didn’t do yours if that’s what you went in for and I certainly wouldn’t be happy about it. I have had around 10 arthroscopy’s over the years with lateral releases and other things. Now everything is a battle. Good luck I hope you get it sorted


  • Thanks for replying Jackie that is something I have heard a lot of that it often relates to the age but like yourself the idea of the op is to give you your life back and to take the arthritic pain away which they haven't. I found it interesting what the NHS website had to say on knee replacements as that clearly states that it doesn't matter about your age if it is affecting the quality of life then they technically should proceed. I mean c'mon I know I'm youngish but I would like to be some kind of father to my children. I've just had 46 staples removed from my knee this morning the incision was big enough I was still in theatre for 1 and three quarter hours they could have simply done the job there and then I can only imagine how frustrated you are after suffering for such a long time but I hope your persistence pays off and they resolve your suffering, thanks again Jackie and all the best.

  • Hi, you are welcome. My thoughts exactly they keep giving pain relief and upping it that must be costing a fortune as well as the fact I am now addicted to morphine I would love a quality of life but everytime I am fobbed off with one thing or another. At one stage I said they could happily chop my legs off as the knees have had a big impact on my hips which has now caused OA I would love my life back I have not been able to run around with my children when they were growing up. I am going to be a grandma in March next year and want to be able to spend time enjoying that not being stuck hardly able to walk. Or lying in bed st night crying because the pain is so bad. I really don’t understand why they didn’t do yours whilst they had you open like that especially if that’s what you went in for and the fact they said it needed doing it just seems crazy to me and I would definitely be asking questions. My consultant is now a professor so don’t even get to see him anymore!

    Good luck I hope what they have done helps in some way


  • I was 50 when I was told I needed knee replacements in both knees but they wouldn't do it they said because I was too big. However I attended an aqua group where several people older than me and larger had been given knee replacements. I am now 58 and my knees are bone on bone and I am heavier because of lack of mobility. Because I walk with aids my hips, shoulders, neck and wrists are now also affected and I can no longer work. If they had given me knee replacements 8 years ago I would still be working, contributing to the public purse and would not have cost the NHS so much money in doctors appointments, medication, physiotherapy etc and saved myself a hell of a lot of pain, tears and life changes. It is short sighted and crazy. It has ruined my life.

  • I am so sorry for the outcome from a sheer disregard for your life and wellbeing by the doctors and consultants whose so called care you have been under you must feel so low frustrated and dare I say depressed. I do sincerely hope you get some form of relief soon and at least an improvement on the quality of your life when they replace your knees.Please keep us all up to date with your progress and keep a look out for the outcome of my 6 week post op visit to my consultant he won't know what's hit him take care my friend.

  • Sorry to hear, I had my first knee replacement at 54, needless to say it was a disaster and a total revision was required, much more difficult than the initial surgery. My ortho had tried everything there was before recommending the replacement, pain meds, physical therapy multiple times, injections of different types, some for pain relief some for lubricating the knee, arthroscopic surgeries, I saw several other ortho's looking for second opinions, checked out a program in Boston where they now regrow cartiledge in the damaged joint, finally she said I needed the replacement. I guess they like to exhaust all options or something. Honestly I was left with permanent peroneal neuropathy in the lower leg and foot involved after the first surgery. My second was done by a different ortho different hospital. It really isn't something to rush into, however why they changed there mind at the last minute is a good question for the surgeon. How is your overall health ? Some replacements can take many hours and much loss of blood. If there are other health problems such as heart or something they may cancel the surgery altogether or do a less invasive surgery or they may just have felt that was all you needed. Again probably best to talk to your surgeon. Do take care.

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