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Rheumatoid arthritis pain



I have RA pain occasionally.  Most of the time I have pain on my fingers. the symptoms are pain, worm, swollen and some time fever when I have pain. Please how to reduce pain and cure

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Are you sure it's from R/A?  If so, what do you take for it???  I don't know the severity of your condition or the meds you can tolerate???  Having said that, maybe something like 800 Motrin might help, if it's too much, maybe a 400 would do it, in the meanwhile, call your Rheumatoligist and see what he or she recommends.  Some type of anti-inflammatory medication should get you some relief, even 2-500 tylonal might even help, but all of this is recommended with your Rheumatoligist's approval.  Info in is another good one, but you'll need to take something to protect your stomic with that one.  Blessings!!  Call the Doc.

Oops.....meant indocin.  It's a very good anti-inflammatory.

Blessings Once Again!!!

God day sir,

is it medicine (indocin) for solving my Ra problem

thanking you

Great, I hate to see folks suffer with R/A, it's a very painful disease.


Yes, but most Likely won't put you in remission.  At first glance I misunderstood your comment....I apologize...sorry.  Indocin is a quick acting anti-inflammatory medicine, it's quick and usually for most people does a good job, but it's a little hard in the stomic.  So, if your doctor put you on it he or she would most likely add or include a medicine that would protect your stomic.  Something like maybe "Carafate".  If you do have R/A, you really should identify with a Rheumatologist, a specialist with arthritis.  Once all this has been established, hopefully your doctor would be pro-active and would work diligently to find a medicine that would help you long term...Amen.  Hope this helps, also possibly your Pharmacist might be able to recommend something over the counter until you get more help from your doctor.  Blessings, do let me know how you do.  Prayers are already in the works,  :)

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