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Painful fingers and toes

I've had a painful day today even with it almost 90 degrees here where I live my figure joints as well as my toes have been very achy. Now that I'm barefoot and resting my feet I'm hoping it'll take some of the pain away. Now it's a different story with my fingers. Otc drugs don't help me much with my arthritis. I have one of my figures that hurts bad enough it hurts to even touch the top of it. The rest of my fingers aren't that way but are still very sore. I guess I'll have to rest my hands some this afternoon as well. Hope everyone else is having a pan free day. If not I'm in the same boat with the rest of you that hurt from your arthritis.

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Hi JD, I'm still in North Carolina till early August. I'm sorry to hear about your fingers and toes. Those are the only areas that I don't have it. My lower back I'm sure is arthritic but I have to wait till I'm back in England for a scan.

A powerful pain killer is morphine sulfate but I don't know if they prescribe it over here. My GP in England is great and will give me anything that helps with the pain. I think the doctors in the states are overly cautious sometimes and assume people will get addicted to painkillers. I DO understand that, but in the case of chronic pain, empathy on the GP's part goes out the window.

I'm also going to check on pain management clinics when back.

Take care,



Hey Sookiedee, ya I think you're right about the doctor's here in the states. I've yet to find something to help me. Today was just uncomfortable for me especially in my finger joints. I have one that hurts like hell right now. It hurt to touch or bend it. It's the first time I've felt the pain in my toes for awhile. For a few months at least. As you know it's been pretty warm here so it's not the weather Temps. I just don't get it though. Unless it's rheumatoid arthritis that I have in my feet. That I don't know. I haven't been diagnosed with RA as,of yet. Plus I haven't had x-rays done on my feet either. But as you well know we need our feet to get around, so it really doesn't help me when my toes start to be painful. You said you thought you had it in your lower back. With the issue of the warm sensation down my right leg, I think I also have either arthritis in mine or spinal stenosis starting to form in my lower back. Stay pain free sookiedee. Jason


Hi I have just joined this group. I have had pain in my middle toes today and for some time, they feel like they go completely stiff and very painful, I can not walk when it happens, I also have pain in my fingers, I have been to the docs today who has sent me for a blood test. That wont happen until next Friday.


I feel for njh9408, my feet and toes have been killing me all week. I'm wonder now if mine are signs of RA. The pain in my hands some days has me in tears it hurts so bad, the same goes for my spine as well. I feel like it's crippling me at times. I also have fears of being confined to a wheelchair before I'm in my late 40s or in my 50s. There's no friendly type of arthritis. But like love always said , expect for the worst but hope for the best when it comes to any type of arthritis.


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