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I'm new on here

Hi, I'm new on here and just wanted to say hello. I have arthritis in both knees, ankle, toes and fingers, though the left knee and ankle are the most troublesome. I also have very little cartilage in that knee, I take pain meds and turmeric every day. Today I tried my tens machine ( which I use on my back. ), It really helped. I am interested in changing my diet as I have heard that some foods are triggers, not sure where to start so any help would be appreciated. Thank you ☺

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Hi ,I have it in both knees ,I had a knee replacement just 4 week ago,it is still swollen a bit but no pain when walking, just need the other one doing now, as far as diet is concerned I have just carried on as normal, what suits one does not suit All

It's best to find what is best for you,trail and error.

Not much help i know,good luck for the future

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Thank you for your post mazer123 and welcome to the group. We hope you find a supportive community here.

For any further information on arthritis, feel free to have a look at our website: arthritisaction.org.uk/

We do offer our Registered Nutritionist's one-to-one advice as part of our annual Membership, for more specialised requirements.

All the best,

Despina, Arthritis Action's Communications Officer


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