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Been awake since 3am desperate for my husband to get some peace from his pain

The doctor has done blood tests ESR 1,000 times higher than it should be. He has pain in his shoulders, base of his thumbs and hip and knees. Awaiting urgent appt with hospital specialist (28th June).Ibroprofen and paracetemol just numb the pain. He has taken himself off Blood pressure tablets, and Cholesterol pills. I need my husband back 

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Hi there, Ask your doctor for co-codamol as a pain reliever, it worked for me for quite a long time.=, and please get your husband to go back on his BP meds and cholesterol pills. My husband has as need for both, and when he accidently stopped taking them he suffered a TIA. His high blood pressure problem has been going on since his 20's and he is now in his late 60's. So don't chance it, tell him its vital to keep on taking them unless the doctor says otherwise.  Best of luck for the 28th. Hope things improve for you both. Joyce.


Hang in there. My husband has suffered a long time with me being in pain. I don't think people realise how other members of the family and friends suffer as well. I hope he gets his appointment soon. Has he tried other pain killers as there's quite a few options out there.


Well he was given codeine. Did not touch the pain. Now on Tramadol and we have told the doctor he cannot continue to suffer like this. We are going to see the consultant Privatley .Even if it means paying on card and owing them for years to come. Its just gotto be done. I cannot continue to watch my hubby suffer like this


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