Couldn't believe that potatoes, tomatoes, chillies, aubergine, and okra, came under the nightshade vegetables that cause inflamation... we eat most of these weekly, especially tomatoes. My husband has suffered with pain in his knees from sports injuries, and now arthritic from it, for many years. Also has enlarged prostate, so tomatoes and broccoli are good for him. He would never be with his spuds, unless we were having pasta.

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  • I don't find my arthritis is exacerbated by eating any of the above and have arthritis in most joints......maybe it's because I take 1600mg daily of Boswellia Serrata (natural anti inflammatory)

  • Hi, are you only taking this..., or alongside meds..?

    Im seeing the orthopaedic surgeon this morning and I want to ask him about natural products, and whether they will clash with the injections he gave me, in the joints

  • Hi...... Ive had injections in the past with no ill effects while taking Boswellia Serrata. I've been taking it now for 4 years and take no other meds for arthritis ....... When I started taking it I was taking lots of painkillers but don't need them now. ....reduced them as the Boswellia started taking effect.

    I know the Boswellia is helping because a few months ago I ran out and had forgotten to reorder over , with it being the Xmas period it took nearly two weeks for my delivery. By then I was back on the painkillers ,!,! ....within a couple days of restarting Boswellia the pain was eased..

    I have posted here about Boswella before ....don't know if you can find my other posts.

    My orthopaedic knee surgeon is in favour of taking them

  • What strength do you buy. I looked on Amazon and noticed a couple of different strengths. And how many of what strength do you take a day? Thanks

  • I buy the 200mg capsules a bottle of 100.... I usually order 4 bottles at a time now.

    When I started I took 2 capsule in the morning , then 2 at lunchtime one , then 2 in the evening. After about a fortnight I was able to stop taking my Cocodamol ! I continued with three doses a day for about 3 months , then dropped the midday ones. I have continued taking 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening- this is a good maintenance dose for me.

  • What strength,I'm interested too

  •'s 400mg capsules....

  • I was given an rxvitsmin, LIMBREL

  • Hello, this is such an interesting conversation. We always encourage people to have a look at how their own body reacts, as there is not one-size-fits-all with inflammation, but it is certainly interesting how some foods seems to be better for some people than others.

    For information on food and healthy recipes, you can have a look at our website:

    We offer one-to-one consultations with our Registered Dietitian for more in-depth analysis of what your daily intake is and what seems to be helping (and what not so much) for all our Members, if you were looking for more help.

    I hope this is useful!

    All the best,


    Arthritis Action's Communications Officer

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