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My History

My History

Hi All.

Is there anyone else who was aborn with CDH (congenital Dislocation of the Hips) ?

. I am now 61 and have had a total of 15 surgeries..I've got two artificial hips and my left knee also. My pelvis breaks down though and the right hip joint has been repaired twice more!!

My body seems to hurt all over! I have now started with arthritis in both shoulders,my neck is awful at times, and my hands click and ache at times...I believe all from use of crutches and then walking sticks! :(

I've taken to using a small scooter for shopping and days out as it's not worth suffering! ! I

I've also now got chronic fatigue sometimes! !

Other than that. ...I'm fine :) x

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Hi, I was diagnosed with a dislocated hip as a baby and had what was 'ground breaking' surgery at the time. Thigh bone cut in half and ball joint brought under the pelvic bone and pinned into the hip socket. Thigh bone plated. Result no limp and no issues until I was 40.... Then trouble with walking, so an artheroscopy (not sure that is spelt correctly) of the hip, again something new and here I am at 52 still quite mobile and annually completing audit sheets for my consultant. Only trouble is I have put on a few pounds over the last decade and I now struggle to stand for more than about 15 mins and shuffling is hell, the hip has developed a deep seated toothache and whilst pain killers and a rest help currently, I will need some medical help before long. Step one, lose some weight......easy, isn't it? Brilliant to meet someone who started life as I you bear that amazing 1ft plus scar(s) ? 😊

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it is nice to be in touch with another CDH person. I am 61 years old and had my first ops at age 2 yrs. Same as you had (Christmas Tree ) scars on outside of thighs, no pins into socket though!!

All my surgeries were performed at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital in Oxford. .I've had 15 operations in total with both artificial hips and left knee as well. I got the start of arthritis at age 18!

My mobility has been good at times, but my pelvis breaks down and the hip needs mending every few years (5 this time ) :) however the stem has been in 25 years!

I'm not so good at walking anymore and use a scooter! My shoulders and hands and neck are painful now! Too many crutches/walking sticks!

How are you?

Regards Nessie


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