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Pain in legs and swelling

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Hi I am not doing to good at the minute I seem to be swelling in my knees and ankles as well as hips

But I have also been having trouble swallowing for a few month on and off more on at the moment it’s got to the point of not being able to get any solids down , can get fluids just not anything else does anyone have any ideas 💡 please

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Please call your GP as I think you need proper medical advice. Hope you can get an appointment soon. Good luck.

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Nikki70 in reply to Lolabridge

I have been trying but I thought I might try here while trying

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Lolabridge in reply to Nikki70

Not being able to swallow and get solids down needs your doctor's attention so ask for an appointment tomorrow.

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Nikki70 in reply to Lolabridge

Will do thanks

Hi Nikki70 you really need to get that seen to as soon as you can Love & Hugs Xx

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Nikki70 in reply to Mackembabe

I’m trying to nightmare to get through to them

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Mackembabe in reply to Nikki70

Have you not got a walk in centre near you? you need to keep trying if you don't get anywhere you'll need to go to A & E as you can't keep on like this hun Love & Hugs Xx

Complete a 111 form online to obtain advice if impossible to access GP (know the feeling). If actually you think you would need to see an ear nose and throat specialist attend A+E.

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Hi Nikki70, sorry to hear you're having such problems at the moment.

We'd highly recommend you speak to your GP or healthcare professional about how you've been feeling, and what they'd recommend based on your own medical history and background.

You can also call 111 on your phone for immediate advise if you're struggling to get through to your healthcare professional.

Let us know how you get on!

I rang 111 and they have said go to the hospital I didn’t really want to do that as I have no immune system but it’s got to that point now that I need to do will let you know thank you guys

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