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Two worn lumbar discs seved

Several years ago an xray confirmed two worn lumbar discs. As I have got older the pain in my lower back has got worse also the pain in my left hip has got worse. My gp told me about five weeks ago that it was due to my back and also the hip pain could be a bit of arthritis. When I went for my check up after my knee Injection last Friday the consultant told me the pain was due to my knee. I can't take anti-inflammatory because they gave me anaemia, so I was advised not to take anymore. Whatever the pain in my hip is it can be very painful. I just wonder what it is

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OK I'm not a doctor but as O.A is a long term and great friend ... Pain in your knee and back .one or both will cause you to move and walk differently as your body subconsciously tries to avoid causing pain in these areas .this puts your body out of alignment and then puts pressure and stress on different muscles and ligament etc causing pain in different places. Hips are great at showing this. It might be expensive but a Podiatrist or Physio will/might be able to tell from your walk if this is the case and help. inserts in your shoes etc . might be talking rubbish but I hope this helps


Thanks I much appreciate the reply


Hi there, reading your predicament, and from personal experience, it sounds as if you have whats called 'referred pain', the problem in your back maybe sending pain signals into your hip, this has happened to me when the sciatic nerve was getting pinched, and it seems as if your hip is going to dislocate the pain is so intense which can be very frightening. But the more tensed up you get the worse it feels, so the trick is heat (hot water bottle or wheat bags) and try to relax as much as is possible and you might find some relief. Fingers crossed. Best wishes. x


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