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Just had MRI results showing arthritis both hips and trochantaric burstitis right side on hip. The consultant hasn't advised me which type arthritis I have though. I initially had pain on right side and down to the knee now extending to foot. Pain started in left hip although not as bad but again, pain in knee that side too. He has referred me back to docs as now have Pain in lower back so can be referred for back MRI. Unsure why he couldn't have arranged the appointment whilst I was there instead of long winded docs-hospital again, he also suggested psysio and steroid injection which I'm reluctant to do as research shows the injections can actually cause more long term issues with the bone/tendons. I am really worried, I'm not overweight and 45. Worried that the leg and knee pain which is a really sore deep ache is athritis there too or is it referred pain from the hip? Can anyone give me any advice please?

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I had a hip replacement in May last year, aged 48, following 2-3 years of pain and problems. My pain presented mostly in my knee - that was far more painful than anything else - with a bit in my groin from time to time. My hip itself didn't hurt much, or at all until the last couple of months. However, it makes sense to get your knee(s) x-rayed too. (X-rays will show arthritis/degenerative bone changes/erosions, but not soft-tissue problems like bursitis, and are massively cheaper than MRIs, so often approved more easily).

You need to find out what sort of arthritis you have because the treatment options are entirely different. Your consultant's reaction/suggestions make it most likely it's OA, but you should check. You also need to know what stage you're at - if it's OA, are you showing moderate wear and tear? How much joint space is left? Are there cysts? How long does the GP think it will be before you're bone-on-bone? You can ask your GP thee questions rather than going back to the consultant; s/he will have had a report giving details. Injections and physio can buy you time, but if you are going to need a hip replacement within a year or so, it might be worth doing it sooner rather than later, because you'll then avoid the horrible downward spiral and loss of mobility that so many people (including me) experience...

Good luck!


I've got osteo arthritis in both hips in 31 been suffering for almost 3 yrs wrngly diagnosed wiv sciatica til this yr I've got pain in both knees and feet ankles I had an X-ray on them wich showed nothing which is bad I had been diagnosed wiv osteo arthritis as a child in my legs so dnt knw wat to do my gp wnt giv me the injections I'm having a stair lift fitted and my OT has provided a lot of stuff cuz my mobility has gone I've kept walking and physio but both haven't helped also ot felt how bad my hips were as she assesd me I'm also confused pain is tremendous im not allowed an op til I'm older apparently and I feel like soon I want be able to move I can't even move my bottom I had accupunture and cupping not helped at all I need suggestions also plse I get so down I get bad thoughts wich make me stir crazy plse any help


Thank you for your kind response. I'm still no wiser to which type I have. I called the hospital today and spoke to my consultants secretary. She was really nice and said by looking at his report to be sent to GP, he doesn't express which arthritis I have. She said my doc will arrange an appointment and discuss the results and arrange further tests for my back. To be honest, I have more pain in both knees and thighs than my hips and both elbows have been stiff and heavy for a while which is causing me more worry that the athritis is in elbows and knees also. I am really quite annoyed that after my MRI and follow up with consultant in orthopaedics that he didn't think to explain what type I have - as this will determine what treatment will be suitable going forward. I really don't want to go down the cortisold injection route for my hip due to the possible long term effects and am thinking more of yoga/swimming to help. Has anyone experienced this lack of information upon diagnosis? There was a delay in seeing consultant over 70 minutes later than appointment time and I got the impression he was stressed and rushed and it wasn't until I left that I thought about questions I should have asked. I guess I was just surprised at finding out I had arthritis.


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