Two untreated episodes of ppp

Hi again

I suffered from two episodes of untreated ppp after both my children

On both occassions i was seperated from them both

I went on to go to prison twice because there were no beds in the psychiatric wards

There are no mother and baby units in Sheffield and I need some help with raising awareness

Hoping you can help.

Best Wishes Poulson

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  • Hi Poulson

    How would you feel about working on your story as an article to submit to the Yorkshire Evening Post or doing an interview for Radio Sheffield? We could support you with this directly from APP. Let me know what you think? I understand completely if you would rather avoid media contact though. It's a very personal decision.


  • I would be wiling to tell my story

    Let me know the next step pease

  • Hi Naomi

    I went to see my new consultant Psychiatrist a couple of years ago when I was sffering quite a lot with nightmares and flasbacks.

    I have only met him a few times because I am now stable,even though I have known him for nearly 7 years.

    When I mentioned y previous diagnosis of postpartum psychosis,his answer was ''That's not really helpful because he said it was not a proper diagnosis.

    I think he is groping in the dark when it comes to me

    I have ben diagnosed with ppp twice after both children.

    What is your opinion please

  • Hi Poulson - I will private message you, sorry for the delay!


  • Hi Naomi

    I was thinking of writing a blog

    What do you think of this idea

    It may help only one person but that is all that matters

    Looking forward to your reply

    Best Wishes Poulson

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