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Action on Postpartum Psychosis is a charity run by women who have recovered from Postpartum Psychosis (also called Puerperal Psychosis, Postnatal Psychosis and Postnatal Bipolar Disorder) and experts from Birmingham and Cardiff University.

We are a network of 600 members who have experienced PP from all over the UK and world and we have a growing network of partners, family members, friends and professionals with an interest in PP. Please find out more and join us at: or email:

Joining is free and you will receive our magazine and up to date information about our events, workshop and research.

Our website is packed with information for women who are recovering, for those thinking about further pregnancies, or for those wanting raise awareness and campaign for better services for PP. There is also a wealth of information for partners, friends, health professionals, researchers, and the media. The information is developed by those with lived experience in partnership with world leading experts in PP - so it is information you can rely on. With our new Big Lottery grant, it will be developing all the time.

This community is part of a Big Lottery funded project to enable women and families affected by PP to support each other. If you would rather talk privately to a woman or partner with experience of PP, contact us here:

You can find out more about PPTalk and our other Peer Support services at:

Action on Postpartum Psychosis