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Baby number 3 with no signs of PP



It's been a while since I posted on here. A Facebook group specifically for Australia/NZ was created so I've found/give support there.

I recognised a couple of the names on here so thought some of you may remember me.

I also thought it might be nice to share some positive news for those in the midst of PP.

Briefly my history is that I had PP with my son in 2011. Unfortunately in Sydney there are no public MBUs (and 7yrs later still none) so I was admitted to a general psych ward. I was fortunate to have a very quick response to medication and with the help of my husband was discharged within 10 days. I continued on medication for a few months before taking myself off them with no ill effects (this worked for me but it's generally not a good idea without a psychiatrist's support).

As I recovered well my husband and I were happy to have a second baby with more support plans in place. So in 2013 I had my daughter. This is when I was most active on here. I did what was suggested and stayed in hospital for longer but wanted to delay taking medication till I was symptomatic. Unfortunately with 5 nights in hospital with little sleep (it's too bright and noisy) I found that on my 1st night at home my thoughts were racing. So I knew then that mania was in its early stages. I started medication and took it for a few weeks without PP establishing.

So the final part is that 4 weeks ago I had my 3rd child (2nd daughter). I had somewhat intended to take medication after she was born. However my husband was having bad sleep apnoea so it would be hard for him to do the night shift if I was sedated. I only spent 1 night in hospital and have since had fairly good night sleeps even when my baby is waking as we're cosleeping (which I definitely wouldn't have been able to do if I was talking medication). This has fortunately meant that I've not had symptoms at all so far. I'm hoping that that continues. Since I showed signs early on with my previous PP episodes I'm assuming I'm pretty much in the clear.

So yeah. I thought I'd share that life after PP can go on as normal. I've been very fortunate and others have perhaps had to work harder to stay well but it's definitely possible to continue life as you'd planned before PP.

Good luck to all the women and families on here who are going through this horrible illness. This forum is a great source of information and support. Thanks to those that provided it to me when I needed it.

For anyone from Australia/New Zealand you can find our Facebook group at "Beyond PP Aust/NZ"

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Hi BronSyd

Thank you for posting, it’s lovely to read your update :)

Congratulations on your new baby daughter! I’m so glad you’ve stayed symptom free this time and hope things continue to go well.

It’s so good to share positive experiences, I got so much advice, information and hope from reading other people’s stories when planning for a second child (fortunately I stayed well) - I remember reading about your shared experiences so thank you to you too!

Take care and enjoy this special time.

Jenny x


Thank you for your lovely post and thinking of the forum and mums on the other side of the earth :-)

Hope and our experiences help and support & especially such uplifting news as yours. Congratulation on your new baby daughter and health and happiness for you and your family. (Pleased about the FB access for the mums in NZ and Australia & other islands nearby)



Hi BronSyd

Just wanted to say huge congratulations on the birth of your daughter! Thank you so much for writing such lovely news!

Very best wishes and I hope you’re all having really special time together

Jen X

This has given me so much hope I’m ringing my cpn tomorrow for advice. My husband is the one who’s not ready for a second baby right now he is exhausted and has undiagnosed sleep apnoea I’m sure but won’t seek help I didn’t have pp with my daughter but took extra meds to prevent it and my husband helped with night feeds there is no way he can do that this time as he’s exhausted just managing my toddlers bedtime I’m having a c section so I won’t be able to lift I think I’m going to have to do the same I just can’t be drugged up on extra meds for the first few weeks x

boat1 in reply to Becciandbump

Maybe he can do half night and you the other half. I tuk low dose quetiapine for few weeks but does make you drowsy . If you cud find a way to divide night care and take sumthing for sleep it's helpful. But you may be fine without. Did you plan other meds. I tuk lithium. Be careful with painkillers. After my last baby and first c section they gave me ibroprophen and it can raise lithium lithium. Just a gen reminder to all

Are you taking no meds at all. Perhaps you cud take sumthing that doesn't make you drowsy. I take lithium.

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