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Positives to come out of PP

I suffered with PP in August 2013 and it was the scariest thing I've ever experienced. However, 13 months later I applied for and was offered the job of Peer Support Worker for a Recovery College in the NHS, two days a week. I'd never worked in Mental Health before but having experienced PP I became very interested in that area and when the post came up, I had to apply. One of the requirements of the job was to have lived experience of a mental health problem so as to be able to model recovery. I just wanted to share this with you because when I was going through PP I would never have imagined that anything good could possibly come out of it. But it has and as awful an experience as it was, I wouldn't change it because I am now in a job I love and in a position to really raise awareness of PP for other women.

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Hi JoLou80,

That's wonderful :) So good to have a positive outcome not just for you but for what I'm sure will be many, many others.

All the best in the job and thank you for sharing.

Take care xx


Wow that's amazing JoLou. Strangely enough I've thought of the same thing - changing career direction... haven't found anything right yet though... your story is inspiring though, and I hope you'll find your new job really life giving and fulfilling.


That's great sunnyandwild, I would definitely encourage you to look into Recovery Colleges. They are a fantastic place to work and are going a long way to de-stigmatise mental health problems. They're popping up all over the country (I think there are 32 now)!


Thanks, I'll definitely look that up X


Hi. I suffered with pp in june 13 and I am now fully recovered and would really like to do some peer support work. I wondered whether I could do it part time because I don't want to leave my children too much yet. I have also considered doing a degree in mental health nursing afterwards if it is something I enjoy and am good at. I too have never worked in mental health, I was an accountant before I had children but now I have been inspired to want to help others.

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I have found helping others through similar experiences to be one of the most rewarding experiences. In the beginning, it was difficult at times because it sometimes brought up memories for me but with experiences and encouragement from others doing support work, it is now wonderful. Not only does it help others, it is positive experience for me.

All the best to you and thank you for sharing your experience.


Thanks for sharing this brilliant story JoLou80 - and congratulations on your new role as a Peer Support Worker. The Recovery College work sounds wonderful and I know your experience will be of huge benefit. Brilliant stuff :-)

Naomi x


This is great JoLou80! All the best in your new job. Like others, I know that having something positive come out of a really difficult times in our lives - whilst never changing it - does give a good news story to others who might be going through a hard time at the moment.

I work in health & social care and hope that my past experiences have made me stronger in my work life, but I also appreciate the balance a lot more and love the time with my family more than I ever thought possible.

Hope all continues to go well for everyone, and I'll keep my eye out for Recovery Colleges too.

Take care, xx


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