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Did anyone else not see or hear things that weren’t there? I only suffered with beliefs

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hey all

Sorry for the long title.

i am just starting to really worry I have the wrong diagnosis and I’m actually just going crazy or will never recover.

I ’only’ suffered with delusions/incorrect beliefs but didn’t see or hear anything that wasn’t there. My beliefs were/are about who I am and what I’m capable of so they’re very deliberating/severe but I just worry they may have misdiagnosed me cuz I don’t have all of the more common symptoms.

Did anyone else not see or hear things?x

6 Replies
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Hi Loopy86, hope you are ok. I had pp in 2016 after the birth of my twin girls. My symptoms were quite varied and included delusional thinking, paranoia and some hallucinations, also time distortions. I didn't hear voices but believed I had a heightened sense of hearing.

How long is it since you're discharged? If you're worried about ongoing symptoms please reach out to your gp or cpn if you have one. nd also lean on any support networks you have at home. Are you taking medications at the moment?

PP is quite wide reaching. I'll link you to a list of common symptoms, but I don't think that it's an exhaustive list.

And yes, once you get on the right meds, I'm sure things will improve. It's good you're aware of things and flagging up when things don't feel quite right. Take care x

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Here you go - also just to say I had some symptoms like the time distortions that aren't listed here x

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Hi Loopy86

I dont recall hearing or seeing things. I had a lot of beliefs and strange theories. The only thing I remember seeing is thinking someone had put tanning lotion in my bath and I'd got a tan.

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Dear Loopy86, well done reaching out on here, you will find lots of mums that have had Ppp with a variety of symptoms. I also had severe delusional thinking, paranoia, as my main debilitating ppp symptoms. I did not suffer from hallucinations or hearing voices. Although at times I did imagine some horrible stuff. I couldn’t sleep prior and needed medication to help with that ( I was extremely distressed) . I think everyone’s experience is slightly different. Looking at app-network.org/what-is-pp/ it says one of symptoms on the part of list that mentions delusions etc needed for diagnosis of ppp . I don’t think visual hallucinations / hearing things are a more common symptoms as far as I can make out from the info on the link. Might you be able to chat with a nurse or psychiatrist about how you feel ? Ppp is horrendous and can definitely make you feel ‘crazy’ like you mentioned, the good news is it’s fully recoverable and you will get better. But it does take time so deep breaths you will through this. Lots of love X

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Hello Loopy86,

I'm sorry it sounds as though this is worrying you. As others have said, different people can experience different symptoms/combinations of symptoms, with hallucinations being one of the symptoms women with PP may experience. I didn't suffer any visual hallucinations though I did hear voices that weren't there. But the delusions and beliefs were also the main thing for me, and not knowing what was real and what wasn't, the constant racing thoughts, confusion and paranoia definitely made me feel like I was going crazy.

I would encourage you to talk to your care team if it's concerning you. The most important thing is that the support and treatment you receive helps the symptoms you're experiencing, and being as open and honest as you can with those supporting you will help them to make sure this happens, and make any tweaks that may be needed to medication etc. as you recover.

Sending very best wishes, you will get through this.

Jenny x

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Hi Loopy86,

I am sorry to hear you are suffering. I will say a prayer for you and ask Jesus to protect you. Everything will be ok. Sending you so much love ❤️

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