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Thankyou for the lovely comments on my most recent post.. Today this morning I’ve took a big step & I reached out to my GP & told him just how I’m feeling & the very dark thoughts I’m having on/off

(Most nerve wracking I’ve ever felt as I thought he may of had cause for concern & arranged access to take my children away from me for temporary measure or have me taken to a general adult psychiatric ward to recieve treatment) thankfully tho he was so kind & supportive & listened to me without any judgment & has arranged for a female therapist to reach out to me later this afternoon via phone call so that’s reassuring that Im receiving the help & support I need he has also increased my dose of antidepressants & is going to contact me in 4weeks time for a review 💕

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Hi KeiraMarie,

Such good news, I am glad you will start receiving the help you need at the moment. Very brave for reaching out despite your fears. Take care, all the best in the near future

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KeiraMarie in reply to EmiMum

Thankyou! I’ll keep you all updated on how this afternoon goes 💕xxx

Thank you so much for posting your update KeiraMarie.

I’m really glad you took that courageous step to talk openly with your GP, and in doing so to face your fears and challenge your thoughts about not being a “good enough” mum.

It’s great news that you are able to have some talking therapy support and that your GP helped you to feel heard and supported.

Well done, each step of reaching out for help is an act of self-kindness. Glad that you can be part of this community.



Thankyou! It’s so hard tho telling my mind that I’m worthy & a very much loved person all round by my family & my children.. I’m struggling with the negative intrusive thoughts lately BUT I know it’s just thoughts & it doesn’t mean I’m the person they are having me question or doubt.. I’ve had a nice chat to the woman who rang me this afternoon & she’s referred me to women’s counselling & therapy for parents with children under 5 & I will hopefully be assigned my own therapist & start my therapy face to face within the next 3-4 weeks xx

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Naomi_at_appPartner in reply to KeiraMarie

That's great news about the therapy specifically for parents of under 5's KeiraMarie. After my second daughter started school, I had some really helpful therapy for parents with my local Children's Centre which helped me to talk through a lot of the guilt and shame I felt about having found it so difficult to bond with her, and the impact of my illness on my older daughter. That safe space just to share the 'worst fears' about yourself can be so helpful. I'm really glad you have reached out. Take good care, Naomi xx

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That's excellent news KeiraMarie, I am so glad the chat went well this afternoon and that there is a plan in place now. You have done amazingly, really brave to challenge your intrusive thoughts. It's small steps at a time. Take care

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