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Hello to everyone

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Hi my name is Julie i am from Glasgow i have two daughters Aimee is 8 & Chloe is 3 I had portpartum psychosis after having Chloe by csection in may 2018

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Warm welcome to the forum Julie. I had Ppp in 2018 after the birth of my twins, and after becoming very unwell was sectioned and spent time on general ward and then MBu before having community perinatal care for the first year of my girls birth. I always find it great to speak to other mums that have had this dreadful illness as no one can understand quite like a mum who’s been through it. How are you doing now? Did you go to an MBU? Hope all is well and you enjoy meeting the lovely mums on here. X

Yes i went into mother and baby unit in livingston for a few week and got moved to Glasgow one because they were no bed available when i went in i am doing alot better now just on one tablet now xxx hope you are ok too

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TwobabiesVolunteer in reply to Princess1978

Hi glad you much better now, hope you had a good experience at the MBUs ? mine was good thankfully and although very unwell when first arrived had some superb care and have fond memories overall. I’ve not managed to arrange to go back because of Covid but would like to see some of the ace nurses I had. I’m all good now thanks :) looking forward to Christmas holidays!! Xx

Hello and welcome Julie. I live in Edinburgh and had pp after my son was born in 2019. This is a great platform for asking for advice and sharing with each other. I hope you feel welcome hereAilania aka Laney aka Irishgirl

thank you Laneybug this wee group is so welcoming and good to meet other people thats went though same illness xx

Hello!I’m 41 years old and I had PP after the birth of my first child, Penny. It kicked in about four months after she was born and I was treated at home by the home treatment team. I basically had psychiatrists, mental health teams etc come to my house every day. I was offered a place at a MBU but declined it. I went on to have two more children and thanks to the support of the NHS had no more occurrences of PP.

I still remember how scary and upsetting it was. I try to respond to others now so they don’t feel alone 😊 xx

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Asppp13Volunteer in reply to Arabella-

Wonderful to hear you had no more occurances with future births. You must have had great support.

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Arabella- in reply to Asppp13

I did! The perinatal mental health team were fantastic, as were my friends, family and medication. I’m very lucky xx

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Welcome to the forum Julie, I'm Scottish but living in England and had postpartum psychosis after my youngest was born eight years ago. You're daughters have lovely names.

Thanks i pick Aimee name they dad picked Chloe lol hope you are keeping well how many kids do you have xx

Hi Julie,

I’m based in Edinburgh and also had PP in 2018, after my son’s birth. I was also in the Livingston MBU - in April and May I think. They were lovely there, although I was too unwell and paranoid to understand that for a lot of my stay!

Did you know that the APP network are organising a network call for Scotland based folk soon? Would you like me to pass on their contact details if you don’t have them?

All the best,

Ellie x

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Hi Julie, It's good to see you on here, I'm also Scottish, based in Perth and had a stay in Livingston MBU due to PP just after my son's birth in 2016. I've since had another wee boy without a recurrence of PP.

I am glad to hear you're doing a lot better now.


Hi sorry i just got back to yous i got a few things going on the now with my dad been back.in hospital hope yous are all.ok xx

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Hello Princess1978

Please don’t apologise when you have been so busy with family. I’m sorry to hear your dad has been back in hospital which must be a worry for you. My dad was in hospital last year for a whole month, at a time when visitors were not allowed, so that was stressful. Thankfully with amazing NHS care he recovered and came home. Thinking of you .... take care.

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