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Good Morning I suffered with PP 3 years ago, and I have now recently been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 1. And I was also told that I had undiagnosed Bipolar disorder for many years but we didn’t know. I am just wondering if there are any mums on her who have Bipolar disorder too. I am very happy with my diagnosis and relived I am now going to get the right care. Thank you xxx

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Good Morning Cupcake

I had PP twice in 2004 and 2007, it was the 6 years ago I started having symptoms of bi polar, I went onto having 2 further episodes over the next few years.

Around 3 years ago I started taking lithium. I take this daily. I have been stable and very happy with my life since.

The depression I suffered before the lithium was acute, debilitating.

I am now able to live a 'normal' life and can cope with every day and not so every day stresses.

I wish you well and am happy to chat with you.


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Dear Frankieb

Thank you very much for your reply this is really useful. I am so pleased to hear you are stable now. Xxx

Morning Cupcake

I also was diagnosed bipolar in 2010 after pp in 2003 & 2007. I know it’s tough to get your head around but with the right treatment meds and therapy if appropriate it’s manageable and I’ve had no further episodes of illness for six years😊. Take it steady and take all the support you can. If treated correctly you can go on to be and do anything you want moving forward. Obviously you need to look after yourself and get enough rest/sleep. We may have a mental illness but it doesn’t define who we are. X

Hello Natalie

Thank you so much that’s lovely to hear and has made me feel a lot better. Xxx

Hi. Sorry no advice, but I think I have bipolar. My mh team are saying that I would have to have another ‘episode’ and go into hospital before they could change my diagnosis. How did you manage to get the diagnosis? Did you have to go into hospital? I think my mh team are absolutely useless and I have been suffering for years now x

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Hello Bumblebeeee

I am so sorry you are struggling at the moment.

I don't have any helpful advice except to ask for a telephone appointment with someone from your mental health team, so that you can express how disappointed you are? Perhaps a friend or family member might also speak on your behalf to stress how you have been feeling? I hope you have support around you.

Stay safe and take care.

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Thank you very much yes i am having my virtual appointment on Tuesday so there I can also ask lots of questions. I only got over PP and felt back to myself 9 months ago and was just coming to terms with what happened to me 3 years ago after I gave birth, and the bond and unconditional love I have for my daughter only started when she was 2.5 years old because of the PP which I now understand is quite common. Xxx

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Hi Bumblebee I’m sorry things are so stressful for you right now. It seems a bit unfair of your MH team to be holding these sort of hoops out, for you to jump through! As a very experienced nurse told me recently - treatment for mental illness is an art, not a science, and often the diagnostic boxes are there more for the convenience of professionals than for the humans they are meant to care for. I happened to get my bipolar diagnosis while in hospital but I don’t think that’s at all a “necessary requirement”. If you’re under the care of a community MH team then the consultant there ought to be willing to review your diagnosis with you, as required. Of course, no two people (professionals, the service user themselves, their carers and family) will ever completely agree on what that diagnosis is! I know it’s really difficult, but for that reason I try not to become too attached to my own diagnosis - yes it’s useful and can be a helpful shorthand when having conversations about my MH symptoms, but essentially I’m just “me” and any mental health care needs to fit in with my life, and recovery.

I really hope this makes sense! Wishing you peace through this storm and hoping things start to come together for you soon. Always happy to chat.

Love Kat x

Dear Bumblebeeee,

Thank you for your reply, I had an episode out the blue 3 weeks ago after feeling well for a year. So I called a friend who has experienced PP and said could this be happening again? She was amazing and told me to call my GP straight away, my GP then told me I was having a relapse and COV-19 might of had something to do it with it but I was also not sleeping much so this was my trigger. My GP put me on 2.5mg of Olanzapine because he said I am experiencing hypomania and that you are going to be fine. And you will go back under the care of the Mental Health Team. Because of COVID-19 and my GP referred me to a private psychiatrist through private medical cover I have until the pressure was taken off the NHS. So on Friday I had my 1 hour private psychiatrist appointment which was brilliant as for the first time since having PP a health professional was asking how I am and how I feel. On Tuesday I will be back on the NHS care and I have a virtual appointment with an NHS triage mental health nurse. Xx


Hi Cupcake201 - yes I also got a retrospective sort of bipolar diagnosis after my PP episode (back in 2012). It did help me to re-evaluate and make sense of certain events in my life, and certainly fitted with the periods of business / high productivity interspersed with acute depressions.

I had an antipsychotic for some years, which was used as a mood stabiliser, but I’m not currently on any meds and doing pretty well. I’m very vigilant to changes in mood / thoughts and I’m lucky to have a supportive GP who is encouraging and happy for me to be watchful of myself and come to her if /when necessary.

It’s taken many years and a lot of trial and error to get to this point!

Wishing you all the best and very happy to chat any time,

Kat x

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Oh wow thank you that’s really helpful for me thank you. I am so pleased you are now well xxx

I have bipolar type 2 😎

I had PP 3 years ago too. I am pregnant with my third child and hope I manage to stay well x

Hi Arabella, that’s lovely congratulations are you being monitored during your pregnancy? X

Yes by my normal mh team and by a perinatal mh team too. I’m very lucky x

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