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Ugh any advice please

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Hi well I'm freaking out I have PTSD from birth I had a baby 12 days ago and I lost 750mils of blood I needed medication to contract me back into place or something but since then I've been freaking out it's going to happen again I keep checking my bleeding and if I'm ok but my bleeding is not ok I don't think I am on day 12 and I have bleeding that comes and goes and it's still bright red when it comes it's not soaking through a pad or anything but I'm still freaking out that once it starts it won't stop what can I do it's ruining my life 😢

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Hi Zoe1995! Congratulations on the birth of your baby! and i’m so sorry you had traumatic birth with complications and bleeding. What does your OB/GYN say about your current bleeding? May it be the postpartum bleeding which usually last for about 20-40 days? Did your OB/GYN give you the tips to distinguish this normal postpartum bleeding from abnormal? Hugs and kisses

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Hi thank you for the reply no she didn't give me any tips but i bleed like once or twice a day on and off I don't soak a pad at all but I'm still bleeding bright red and on day 12 it shouldn't be red it should be brown or something people were saying but maybe everyone heals different maybe everyone is different and I'm just longer I don't know lol

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Hi zoe1995

Congratulations on the birth of your baby.

I’m so sorry you’ve experienced a traumatic birth, and there were complications. It’s not surprising you’re worried if you are ok or not given everything you went through .

I would really recommend contacting a professional too - midwives, a health visitor or your GP who could get you help and get you checked out and reassure you if needed. Also to talk about how you are feeling mentally , as it sounds like you’re struggling with what you’ve been through.

You may find it helpful to look at support from the birth trauma association too?

Don’t hesitate to reach out and get help. Do take care


Dear Zoe, like you say every woman is different. I had red bleeding for about 3 weeks postpartum , and it looked like ordinary period, and it was brownish only at the end. Freaking out is bad sensation, how is your general anxiety and how is your sleep? Do you manage to sleep every night? I understand it’s interrupted sleep with a newborn, but anyway

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Hello Zoe1995

I hope by now you are feeling more settled and have been able to have reassurance from your care team. As you are in Ireland I’m not sure whether you have regular visits from a CPN in these early days to talk about your worries? Take good care ... congratulations on your newborn.

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