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I am


Posted this on another forum but thought I'd post it here as well.

"Thank you for your guiding light

When stars are shining oh so bright

The moonlight glistening diamond white

Into the dark and inky night

Speaking kind words to myself

Will help to bring me to good health

I am good

I am strong

I am worthy I belong

I am calm

I am brave

Everything will be ok

I can conquer anything

All my battles i will win

And if i fall get up again and always be my own best friend

Try and try and try again, keep on trying til the end

I will find my strength within, to conquer almost anything

Keep my hope within my heart, my guiding light will never part"

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Beautiful thanks for posting! Xx


This is truly beautiful, Florence! Happy Easter.

in reply to Pikorua

Thank you Happy Easter 🐣 x

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