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Medical Negligence


Dear Ladies.

I have spoken to a solicitor today to discuss the possibility of suing the Health Authority for medical negligence . He took all my details and I told him about my diagnosis of Bipolar and PTSD. I told him that I disagreed with the diagnosis of Bipolar and that I was now suffering from Complex PTSD as a result of the trauma I have been through. He is going to pass all my details onto the clinical negligence department.

I was dreaming about my ex-husband again last night, and my husband was dreaming about my mother trying to give him £2.00. That is probably her guilt.

I will let you know how I get on.

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I would be interested in how you get on... one of my issues is how I was treated in the general psychiatric hospital and because of the Victorian treatment I now have trauma and PTSD. My gp has said sorry on their behalf, but I really think an apology from health professionals would /should be available

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Yes! Yes, a thousand times yes. I had similar issues.

Please let me know how you make out. My daughter was mistreated in the US and was put into jail. So I can understand your anger. It would be interesting to see how your country handles this. Thank you for posting

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I was also horribly treated, also in the US, fortunately not put in jail, although I really feared for that. I am so sorry, so very sorry, For what your daughter went through. I know firsthand how completely horrendous the system is. Utterly unacceptable.

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Most horrific to say the least. She is back safe in Canada and has not seen her daughter since she was 6 months old. That is 9 and a half years ago, Everyone believed she was evil and not sick at all. How misunderstood. There is an organization called 2020 Mom trying to change things down there but I am very sorrowful of how many other Mom's and babies will suffer because of this misunderstood illness. Thank you for your reply, it means a great deal to me.

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Hi help4her

I just wanted to say how very sorry I am for what your daughter’s been through, just heartbreaking :(

Although services are by no means perfect here and there is still a lot of variation depending where you live, I think awareness of PP is really improving and I feel extremely lucky when I read about experiences like your daughter’s. My sister lives in the US and spent a short time in a psychiatric hospital after her third child was born, quite different to the care I received in the UK.

I do hope things start to change for the better over there, my heart aches to think of mothers being separated from their babies due to ignorance and misunderstanding of this illness.

Sending you warm wishes.

Jenny x

I’m also Very interested. The thought has occurred to me “wow I could really Sue them For this” but then I don’t want to go through all of the nastiness of a lawsuit, and I don’t even know what a big organization would throw at me in order to defend themselves. But I’m very interested and how this goes for you! I totally agree With what you want to do, I know how completely Egregious the treatment can be. Sending good thoughts your way.


Hi Poulson

It is so painful that you have had many years experience of difficult experiences, misdiagnosis etc. I know that you have received some compensation in the past as well? I've always found the important thing is to try and share experiences with your local authority, so that others don't go through what you have. I'm sure you have probably done this, via giving feedback / making complaints etc.

For the benefit of anyone else reading as well:

This is the information about making a complaint to the NHS:

You can also give feedback to Healthwatch, which feedback to NHS and departments etc, and can be a good way to get our experiences heard:

From what I understand about mental health diagnosis, it can be very tricky, often people don't fit into clear boxes, and also understanding of mental health conditions can change over time, including introduction of new mental health terms.

I know, for example, that some people might have been diagnosed with schizophrenia many years ago, but would now be diagnosed with bipolar, as they have gained more understanding of different conditions and presentations.

From what I know, Complex PTSD is a fairly new term (Mind website: so it's not surprising that you weren't given this diagnosis in the past.

I think the most important thing is that if you do get any diagnosis, it should lead to treatment and support that is helpful - which is often not the case I know, as services can be really stretched, with long waiting times for therapy etc. So I really hope you have been offered support for Complex PTSD e.g. trauma therapy, or being referred to a trauma service? I think I remember you saying you have been offered EMDR?

Take care Poulson, and I hope these links help.



Hi Poulson,

I can resonate with you Poulson and thought that Ellie's message is extremely helpful.

Even though we experienced misery, we've been surviving.

Sometimes it is incredible where mums find the strengths and energy from in order to walk the path you've done. The time & effort, but also the emotional heart ache can only be shared, if you walked the footsteps subsequently sharing compassion or others have been involved with the suffering (empathy).

I learn through my experiences and can not fight the system. I made that choice a long time ago, but my energy has been converted to raise awareness, so that other families do not endure the pain and trauma inflicted by inexperience or unreasonable treatment received because of misdiagnosis or personal professional gain via research as it was in my case.

I agree with Ellie that making a diagnosis is not always that straight forward. It is in my view point like evolution, development of mental health and research and new ways forward to make sure that cases like ours are being listened to and not ignored...we may recovery from PPP, but for many women a chronical condition has been inflamed because of PPP.

Overall BP is often not identified till after 10 years and yes I believe in the olden days schizophrenia was the common terminology, an umbrella covering all those unidentified illnesses and conditions such as PPP and BP.

Wishing you an inner guiding light to fulfilment and happiness.

Take good care


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Dear Pikorua.

I have decided not to pursue the health authority for medical negligence. I have come to terms with what has happened to me in the past, I am educated enough to understand what my diagnosis is. I have been in touch with an organisation that assists ladies who suffer Post-Partum. I have offered my services. They are going to contact me on Monday afternoon.

I am not going to waste my money on a second opinion as I no longer feel I need it. I have been reading daily and can recommend a lot of books if you are interested. I am going to continue with my education with The Open University, then get a good job if anything happens to my husband.

I have been writing my book and intend having it published. I will keep you posted when it is finished and what it is called.

I will keep you posted about the court case if it goes to court. If it doesn't that is when I will publish my book.

Best Wishes X


Dear Poulson,

thank you for your message.

The healing process is so unique, scars may be there, but we can heal and improve life quality for ourselves and for other human beings. It is such a bliss to be able to let go and to continue learning as you have said in your last words.

My decision-making on many levels always has been in the best interest of my health & well being and for my family. I do not have to justify or proof a point anymore, that would be far too exhausting; I just enjoy the moments and little projects.

Wishing you well and best of luck with whatever choice you want to pursue. Reserve some of your energy for the beauty in life, nature and people, who are special to you.


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