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Heya everyone. Hope you had a good Christmas and new year!

Just emailing you ask if anyone else was really anxious at the prospect of going back to work. I’ve had a month off sick now and can’t afford anymore time off! I am due to go back tomorrow but to be honest I’m dreading it! I don’t particularly like the job I’m doing at the moment and there’s lots of in house politics which is very stressful to try and ignore whilst being mediator between senior management and healthcares.

I just don’t know what to do. I’d love to find a new job but worry now isn’t the time for the stress and pressure of interviews etc.

Thanks everyone xxx

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I have a meeting about going back on Friday. I am worried about my concentration but hoping that being back at work will help.

Have you organised a phased return?

I am having a meeting on Friday to talk about reduced shifts and a phased return. My community pscy team have an employment specialist who is helping me plan for going back, which has been really helpful.

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Going back to work is a big thing and it’s only natural to feel anxious about it, especially if you don’t particularly enjoy it and it can be a difficult environment. Have you had any support from occupational health and if not is that something you can access if needed? Is a phased return possible and have you got supportive management? I hope so on the last one.

Hopefully the thought of going back will turn out to be worse than the reality of it, but I do hope you get support when you’re there and can ease yourself back in a bit.

I hope it goes ok.

Best wishes

Jenny x

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Hello SSCC1

I'm sorry to hear you are dreading going back to work tomorrow ... it is an awful feeling especially if you don't like the job at the moment.

As my recovery took so long years ago, I didn't have a job to return to but needed to add to the family finances! At the time I wasn't feeling very confident so registered with an employment agency which gave me a choice of hours and a variety of work environments. Eventually I was offered a permanent job via a temporary assignment and as time went on my confidence returned .... stress levels were also reduced. I don't know if this would be an option for you?

As suggested in the good replies you have already had I think OH should be supportive in arranging a phased return for you? In the ensuing years with other jobs I have had some issues and had time off due to work related stress.

I think when we get our mental health back we need to take extra care of ourselves as we can still be quite fragile in the workplace. So I hope you can find a balance which works for you.

PP mums are amazing!! ...... I'm sure you've been missed and hope your first day back is manageable. Remember to take your breaks away from your desk :) xxx

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Hi there! I know the exact feeling....I used to be so confident before Maternity leave and with a year off plus the illness on felt like going back was going to be the impossible task. My other mum friends who weren’t ill were really nervous too!! Telling my manager how I was feeling gave me some leeway for a slow start and alleviated pressure, they were then just glad I was back. My community nurse sent a letter and an APP recovery leaflet to my manager, you nurse might be able to write a little summary to reiterate to minimize stress and a slow return is key for you and give them the recovery leaflet also to read. It feels like something little but I think it helped with them understanding the symptoms I had left, the severity of the illness and opened the door for me to flag if I was finding anything hard or needed to slow down. Don’t forget you can also talk to HR, even if just a weekly chat to see how things are going on your return? I remember being nervous just going to the canteen, I had terrible anxiety. My councilor actually helped me break down the bits that made me anxious about work and tackling them slowly. I can assure you I am definitely back to my old self now but totally understand how you are feeling. Lots of luck xxx

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Hello SSCC1

I hope your return to work goes well today :) Thinking of you ......take care. xxx

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Hello SSCC1

Thinking of you and hope you have found returning to work a little easier than you thought it would be. Take

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SSCC1 in reply to Lilybeth

Heya lilybeth. Thank you so much for your messages. Sorry it took me awhile to reply! I am feeling much better and have also been offered a much better job! Looking forward to it! Hope you’re ok :)


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That's great news :) So pleased to hear you are feeling much better and have been offered a much better job. Just shows how much you are valued and have been missed. Fab! So happy for you. Never worry about replying, it's only if and when you have time. I'm well thank you :)

Take care and remember to take your breaks in your new role Xxx

I'm retired now but remember returning to work after short-term disability. Was nervous but they allowed me start part-time and work up to full time in a few weeks. Also were supportive. So I adapted gradually. Sounds different for you--is there anyone at work you can to look to as supportive? Think that helps a lot. Not sure about looking for a new job right away unless work is going to be inevitably stressful; might be worth it in that case. But first I would see if there is a manageable way to do this job, at least for awhile. Hope this helps.

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