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Postpartum psychosis

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My daughter is currently having a pp episode she lives in California and I don't know where to get help

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Where in CA?

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amirawilson in reply to Ekich

Cypress California

I would say it depends on how crital condition she's in... if she's in harm of hurting herself for someone else she should go to the hospital. Otherwise you can search for mommy and baby units that cater to women with PPD. If you guys have options it's better to go to somewhere where they understand about PPD. Sometimes mental hospitals are not the best places but needed if she has lost since of reality.

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Hi Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. I had PP in 2011 after the birth of my son. It is really traumatic, but she will get better. I hope that you are OK?

For information concerning help in USA I would contact Postpartum Support International.

The map about accessing support in different areas of the USA is here:

There is also a Postpartum Psychosis Support Coordinator, their details are on this page:

I really hope this helps.

Take care,


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Hello amira

It must be so worrying for you to see your daughter unwell but with good medical care and support she will eventually recover.

As well as the useful links above, I wonder if a post on here entitled "A Granny's PP Experience - supporting your daughter" might be helpful for you to read, the link being

There are also APP Insider Guides which your daughter might find good to read during her recovery, or you could read a little to her for reassurance that she will be well again? "Recovery after Postpartum Psychosis" and there is also a guide for partners at

Remember to take care of yourself too as this is can be a stressful time for everyone.

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Yes this is her 3rd episode cps has removed her 3 children from the home her youngest baby is nine months , she has locked herself inside her apartment and won't talk to anybody, when she was on her medication before she was complete angel I don't know what to do

Thats terrible she has had her children removed. She definitely needs supportive family around as much as possible. She may be scared to disclose anything to people other than family.


How is everything today? March 18?

I live in Pennsylvania and it was really hard to get help 5&1/2 years ago for PP.

Is it possible to call a Doula agency, In Home Nursing Agency, or her General Practioniener to come out to the apparent? Could someone convince her to go back on Medication?

I will be thinking of you, her, and the babes. Please keep us posted.

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Hello amira

So sorry to hear your grandchildren are not with your daughter. Psychosis is very hard to fight and it is very important that she seeks medical help as soon as possible. Perhaps if she can restart the medication this will help her?

I hope you can find support in the US via the links given or from mums here on the forum. Take care. We are all here for you.

Hello Amira,

this sounds like a very difficult situation. I really hope your daughter will get help as soon as possible. A support network is vital consisting of professional advise and support, including family and friends. Obviously your daughter would have to be assessed in order to receive the appropriate medication.

I always knew I had a baby when sectioned into psychiatric mixed gender unit. I did not self harm, but suffered greatly throughout the episodes and in isolation. My partner gave me a picture of my baby and a book with Buddha poems, which I was holding onto.

I am not sure how poorly your daughter is. I suppose I just would like to say that your daughter must be extremely frightened. You see, I recovered after I received a tailor-made mixture of anti-depressants and gradually improved once I was back at home with my baby and partner. Loved ones are of vital importance in order to combat this traumatic experience and to be there during the recovery for mum.

Good luck and keep in touch with the forum. Journalising and talking to people, who have experienced the same illness like your daughter helps.

Sabine :-)

That must be alarming - you are on the outside whilst complete strangers have taken over your lives - If there are any citizen's advice bureaux in the US online where you can get legal advice

freely, you might find some guidelines on how both your you and your daughter have rights to access your family - certainly there are on line solicitors specialising in these family issues

may be a help centre in your area - or a contact point for you to discuss your anxiety that

has occurred with sudden outside intervention. Your daughter may be feeling suicidal and need

help - perhaps you could write her a note and pop it in her letterbox or under the door or ask

a neighbour if they have seen her, as she has been so ill. Thinking of you.

Another idea is to go to the hospital where your daughter has had contact, and ask them if they

have a helpline service . Take care.

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Hello amira

I hope you managed to find support for your daughter and she is a little more settled.

Take care.

Hi Amira hope things have improved over the past couple of weeks. Take care.

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