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My husband left me shortly after our childs birth and i really just want to talk to him. He was my main support system through all my pregnancy and all my childrens up bringing. I feel like we were ripped apart by this awful madness and I need his support threw this process as it is extremely difficult to deal with let alone doing it alone and longing to be with someone that you now know you hurt. Not intentionally obviously. Had i known i would already be at a doctor.

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Send him info on PPP. Maybe when he understands the illness he will return. As long as you agree to maintain any neccessary medication needed etc...


Hi Crandall

I’m really sorry to hear your husband left you while you were ill. I can only imagine how hard that was, I had pp myself so know what a trauma it was...

I agree with mike, perhaps you could give him some information about postpartum psychosis. There is a wealth of accurate information about pp on our website including a whole section “what is postpartum psychosis” :

We also have some guides that might be useful to give him. They are written by leading perinatal mental health clinicians and families with experience of pp. they are free to download from our website, including a guide for partners:

I hope this is helpful and that you will find a way to connect with your husband again.

Take care



Hi CRandall19,

So sorry to hear you’ve been unwell and that your husband has left you. Awful awful time for you, with so much to come to terms with.

As others have suggested have you thought about sending him some info on PP? Maybe he needs time to understand what has happened himself. Being poorly is such a trauma and causes upset and confusion for the whole family.

As you say you’d like to talk to him, have you maybe thought about writing him a letter? It might help you form your thoughts and give him space too, to read and try to understand.

So sorry he can’t be there for you as you’d hope he would be. When’re all here for you, you’re not on your own.


Sorry to hear this

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