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Maternal Mental Health Week

Hi fellow Mummies,

This morning I’ve made time for myself. I’ve sat, with a coffee and had time for conscious reflection.

The past few days I haven’t felt my happiest and I don’t know why, which is frustrating. I’m tired which doesn’t help. My little boy is gaining so much independence and wanting to explore the world (which I love)... but he gets so cross with me when I ask him not to do something. I feel like I’m on the back foot the whole time. I don’t want to be a Mummy that says “no...” what feels like the whole time! It just makes me feel like a terrible Mummy when he’s so cross!

So in an effort to brighten my week, I’m trying to consciously reflect on all the good. I do believe that not every day can be a good day, but there is good in every day. I just sometimes forget to look for it.

So, on the dreariest of rainy days (!), at the start of maternal mental health week, my positive thoughts this morning are...

1) My little boy greeted me with the biggest smile this morning. He was ready for his next adventure

2) We’re both waterproof, so it really doesn’t matter if we get soaking wet from the rain

3) We’re going to try a new recipe for tea tonight.

If you want to share any of your own positive reflections, I’m sure it’d be a great help. Xxx

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Hi Mummy Revans86,

what a lovely post, motivating and very helpful! Thank you. Yes, let us celebrate mental health week for mums...I am not maternal anymore :-)

...and thus, a positive knot (my message) connected to your knot (your thoughts Revans86 with hopefully the connection of many more tight knots will make a positive and encouraging thread for everybody to read on this forum :-)

Getting out and about is always a challenge as I struggle with anxiety. Our little once are such curious learners! My son is now 7 and he is always the purpose for me to be able to venture out, - I do not want my son to turn into a full time you tuber and rather try to extend his cultural capital with little outings.

At this moment I am challenged as my partner is doing loads of over time, such I am forcing myself to create special times.

A week on Sunday we tried out a wonderful welly walk through the stream. We had such good fun. Yesterday I managed to go to Glastonbury Tor with my little man and we even had lunch at a café outdoors. This is quite an achievement as my coping mechanisms with crowds and strangers are limited, especially in an indoor environment...

...but hey I did it ...my glass is fuller than half full :-)

Health and happiness to all you mums on this site.



Hi Jasa, positive knots, I love that! What a great way to phrase it.

Well done for your recovery, wow a 7 year old! Mine is 16months now. Today’s happy thought was hearing him giggle as I read the Borrowers to him at bedtime. For some reason he finds the names Homily and Arriette really funny!

Your welly walk sounds great, that sounds like a fun day.


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