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antibiotics at time of delivery and ppd or ppp


Twenty - three years ago I had ppp after the birth of my 2nd daughter. It was a long delivery, 36 hours, followed by a C-section. She and I both had fevers and were given anti-biotics. My oldest daughter recently had a baby, long labor again but natural delivery, no drugs at all except strong antibiotics since she is strep b positive. She developed ppd with some strong anxiety. I am wondering about connections of anti-biotics and ppp or ppd. The human intestine is often referred to as the 2nd brain, in that it carries so much information, and is subject to a delicate balance. Has anyone tried good, multi-strain probiotics in addition to their anti-psychotic meds to help restore balance? Thanks

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Hi Cedarway

I too had a long labour and took antibiotics for a water infection during my labour and afterwards. I dont know about a connection with antibiotics and pp but i did read somewhere about a connection with infection and psyhcosis. I did take live probiotics after i had finished on the anti b's but this was more to sort out my tummy than anything else. Good diet, exercise and coping strategies helped in my recovery alongside taking my meds x

Lots of love



Hi cedarway,

Thanks for reaching out. It is interesting that antibiotics may be linked with PP. I have read the same as Meridyth that infection may cause PP. So you are likely to be on antibiotics because of the infection, hence the link maybe? I had an infection due to a swab being left in my uterus after an emergency c section. So who knows if it was the trauma of 2 c sections or the antibiotics or the infection.

I have no experience with probiotics though, sorry.

It's great that you are looking out for your daughter though and looking for ways to support her. I hope you are enjoying being a grandmother.

Take care xx


Hi cedarway

Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on being a grandma. 😊 I’m sorry to hear your daughter is struggling though with depression and anxiety, I hope that she is getting the support she needs and that you are ok too.

I just wanted to let you know that I have asked for some clinical advice to your question. There is no evidence that antibiotics cause pp / pnd. However infection can cause delirium, confusion and some psychotic symptoms. However infection doesn’t cause Pp, it’s just that symptoms appear like pp but could be an infection and when the infection clears up the symptoms will go whereas pp this wouldn’t be the case. It’s important physical illnesses are checked as well rather than just presuming that all symptoms are due to mental illness.

I hope this clarifies things a bit. I also wanted to say with the probiotic question I do drink kefir regularly which I find helps with digestion etc which I think is similar to probiotics?

Take care



Gut health and mental health are strongly linked. My severe depression did not begin with mood it began with nausea, reflux and indigestion.

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