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Did you know you can suffer PPP or PPD after misscarraige

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I have been doingsome research ito PPP and PPD and i have discovered that ladies who have had a miscarraige or stillbirth can suffer from either ppp or ppd afterwards.

After two episodes I was advised not to get pregnant again

Unfortunately i went against that advice because I was desperate for another child with my new husband.

I got caught pregnant in 2010 and subsequently lost the baby .

I am now suffering from PPD as aresult.

Has anyone else had a similar experience.

I would be very interested to hear from you

Best Wishes Poulson

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That's interesting as I asked my psychiatrist about pp after a miscarriage, should we try for another baby. He firmly told me that it was a different process, entirely biological/ hormonal or something of that sort. It may be that it's different for each woman I guess. And my consultant was not a specialist in perinatal, though he was attached to the early intervention team, which is specific to psychosis I think. I'd be interested to hear more on this. Hope you are doing ok poulson, this is a really good point to raise. Take care.

Hi Spannerb

The information was on the internet

You can look it up yourself if you like and inform your psychiatrist

Best Wishes Poulson

Hi again

I am just letting you know that I am going to get some patches to help me stop smoking on Monday.

I have been sponsored again today

Please pass the message on

Best Wishes Poulson

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Hi Poulson. Thanks for the info, I don't see my consultant anymore so can't pass it on but I guess this is something he'd be interested in, I'll see if there's a way. I hope my earlier comment didn't sound dismissive, I didn't mean it that way but words on their own aren't always great are they?!!. I think there are so many unknowns in pp and the work of app and others to do research and help awareness is important. Good luck on your stopping smoking too!

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Hi all

I have also come across a lady who suffered psychosis after a miscarriage. She went on to have a healthy pregnancy and no PP with really good support from a perinatal mental health team. I think this is an area where very little research has been done as it is very rare.

These experiences are interesting in terms of the links between pregnancy hormones, loss, trauma and mental illness. There is also a very rare condition of 'menstrual psychosis' (affecting less than 1 in 10,000 women) which Professor Ian Brockington has researched. You can see a bit more about this on the research pages of the APP website.


Hi Poulson,

I've not read any research on that topic myself, but I have always believed that it could happen after a miscarriage and most definitely a stillbirth since a woman would experience the same drop in pregnancy hormones as after a normal birth (at least that is what I have been led to believe but don't quote me!). And since PP could be caused or triggered by changes in the brain affected by the drop in hormones during and after birth, then it seems logical to link it to miscarriages and stillbirths too. I'd have thought that the trauma and grief after those events must make women who are predisposed to PP very vulnerable at that time.

I'm sorry to hear of your loss in 2010 and that it led to PPD.

Good luck with the stopping smoking - hope the patches help!

Take care, N x


I am also led to believe that you can suffer from PP after a miscarriage, and also with ladies carrying to full term and delivering a fresh stillbirth baby. So so sad. I have tried to look into this in the past, however there is very little I can find on the subject


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