Holiday has helped

Holiday has helped

Hi everyone, I'm currently sat having a coffee after taking my little one swimming. I can't believe I've just written that last sentence. We are on our last day of our holiday in the lakes and I never thought I'd even get here, let alone put on a swimming costume and have a swim with my family. I couldn't even string a sentence together during the worst times of my illness. I'm finally getting recovery is finally in motion.

I just want to share this to all the ladies who are struggling and to let everyone know that there is light at the end of three tunnel. There really really is. Please believe xx

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  • I'm so pleased for you. I'm 3.5 years on from pp and had my 2nd baby 14 months ago.

    I live in the South Lakes so let me know when you are next here as would be great to meet for a coffee xx

  • Wow that's so strange. I'm staying in the south lakes. Would love to meet up with someone who has been through ppp. Xx

  • Yeah let me know when you return. I'm in Ulverston, 30mins from Coniston or Bowness. I drive so can get anywhere easily.

    I've met one other who had pp (she had it 29 years ago). She still remembered the experience and it was good to talk (especially as she had no relapse) xx

  • Hi jake

    Aww your baby is beautiful! It was lovely to read your post, I'm sure it will give people hope

    Take care

    Ellie x

  • Lovely post and well done you! Swimming is hard work 😊 I try to do it once a week with Hattie but do find it stressful. She hates all the undressing and dressing but loves swimming so it's worth it. I'm based in the North West if you ever want to meet x Beth

  • That would be great. Many thanks xx

  • We are off to Abersoch in Sunday but when we are back I don’t have any plans so could have a drive up for a coffee and a walk x

  • Yep will should definitely arrange something x

  • Not sure how to share things on this site or what’s acceptable? x

  • Hi Bethanylj & others here, it's something that we at APP know is so valuable to meet and chat to others about PP experiences. However please do not share any personal details or contact info on the main site. APP offers 1:1 peer support via private messaging as well as this forum (more info here: and you can also use this site's messaging facility if you wish, however that is not moderated in any way. Hope this helps, thanks, xx

  • That's great. Thanks for that x

  • Beautiful picture and good to know that you have had a fabulous time.

    Take it steady,


  • Gorgeous photo and what a lovely positive message - thanks Jake!

    Best wishes for continued recovery and good health and many more fun family times ahead xx

  • Hello Jake19

    So happy to hear you are in a good place now. Your holiday has obviously helped a lot.

    What a beautiful photo of your little one 😍 Watching him grow and realising the very importance of having you in his life, I'm sure goes a long way to help your recovery.

    Wishing you lots more happy times.

    4mila x

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