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PP mum's who live in Wales who needed an MBU admission

Hi All

APP has been contacted by BBC Radio Wales about a programme 'Eye on Wales' they would like to do. This is what they say:

"I am currently researching and recording for a programme about peri natal mental health care and about whether Wales needs a mother and baby unit. I would very much like to include a story in the programme about someone who needs mother and baby care but is having to travel for it. What impact does that have on both mother and father?"

I think they would be happy to talk to the mum or family members / husband. APP does advise anyone who is going to talk to the media to read our media guide before doing so, and also wait until they are fully recovered to tell their story. This is a really important story, and it would be good if someone is able to tell their story about either what it was like to have to travel so far to use a MBU and the impact that had, or having to make the difficult decision of not going to an MBU because there wasn't one in Wales and what happened.

If you are interested in telling your story, do comment below or private message me here on Health Unlocked and I can give you the contact details of the journalist.

But also no pressure, only share your story if you feel ready and you would like to.

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My daughter and her family are in that situation at the moment. Nearest Mbu is in Stafford, horrendous decision for both Mum &Dad as baby is only 7 weeks old but there is no other unit or support anywhere nearer.


I suffered from PP in 1982 after my first child was born, in Aberystwyth. I was sectioned and sent to a general psychiatric ward in Carmarthen, which was an entirely inappropriate place to be. Because I was on maternity leave from Oxford University my husband was able to negiotiate a transfer to an MBU in Oxford, where I and my daughter were together. This was crucial in my recovery.

I went on to have two further babies, fortunately without a recurrence of the illness. But, being well aware of the risks, it was very worrying to know that, having left the Oxford job, there would be no such chance of a transfer should I become ill again.

It is a devastating illness which can do immeasurable harm to the sufferer and to the family. it must be even harder if it occurs with a second or later child, and the older siblings need to be cared for. It is scandalous that now as then, there are no MBUs in Wales.


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