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hello i really confused i have been offered a place in a mother and baby unit but im a bit nervous going in there on my own and would like my partner with me but they have told me they want me to move in first but i dont want to be in there on my own

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Hello TatumBrown

Welcome to the forum and thank you for your post. I don't have experience of mother and baby units, only general psychiatric care a long time ago. However, I do know that they are the very best place for you to be with your baby to receive the specialist care you need to be well again.

The staff in the unit will be very caring and only want what's best for you, so try not to be worried. To be offered a place in a mother and baby unit is such a great step on your road to recovery. I think you should accept it, go there and settle in. Perhaps arrangements can be made for your partner to have extended visiting hours with you? The staff will be very helpful and you will have the best care there.

This forum is for mums who have had Postpartum Psychosis. Can I ask if you have such a diagnosis? There will be other mums here who have been in mother and baby units and will be able to reassure you.

Take good care of yourself and please keep writing here if it helps.

I was in a mother and baby unit for 6 weeks when my little one was 2 months old. I too was extremely scared and wanted my husband with me. My experience was a positive one to be honest. My husband was with me a lot throughout the day. The staff were all so supportive and I settled in quickly. I went voluntarily after advice from mental health team. It seems daunting I know but you have to remember if you have been offered a place in assuming you have been assessed as suitable for this unit. As you get to receive treatment and care needed for you and at the same time you still get to have your little one it's the best place should you need to be in a hospital to receive treatment and support at the moment. Try not to be too scared (I know this isn't easy) see it as a positive step forward in your road to recovery from where you may be at this time. It's completely natural to feel scared anxious at this time.


Hi Tatum Brown,

Welcome to the forum...

I was in a mother and baby unit too, for nearly four months. My partner was able to visit me and our baby as much as he wanted.

My experience was positive too. It didn't really feel like hospital. Everyone had their own room, it was very small (maximum 5 people where I was) and the staff really were lovely, so supportive and caring, and it was so good to be with my baby but get support when I needed it. The staff were a mixture of mental health nurses and nursery nurse staff so you get a lot of support of how to look after your baby too and your baby is really well looked after if you need a rest and aren't able to, and you will get support from a perinatal psychiatrist, and a psychologist too usually.

I hope it goes well, they are very good places to get get support because you aren't separated from your baby. Do write on here whenever you would like to.

Ellie X

Hi TatumBrown,

I was in a mother baby unit for 6 weeks and had a very positive experience. My partner wasn't there with me until just a few days before I went home (part of that was practicalities because I had an older child who also wasn't boarding with me). Being in the MBU there was lots of practical support from the nursing and other staff with the baby, they were especially great overnight. Being there really helped for me to get my medications right, reduce the symptoms to a manageable level (when I went home I didn't have any psychotic symptoms any more but still had some mood issues and forgetfulness) and also there was a psychologist who helped a lot with teaching self care. I was really nervous about going in as well to begin with, but don't regret it for a second.

What ever you decide, I really hope you'll get the right help to start getting better as soon as you can. All the best!

Don't be I have just been discharged from one and they are fantastic. My partner was aloud to come in from 8am until 10pm. Honestly u will be fine xx

I was also offered a MBU bed, my husband felt being at home would suit our family better so I had the crisis team visit me 3-4 times a day at home and he took time off work. I often wonder if my recovery would of been different if I had excepted the bed. You will have the best possible care for you and your baby.

Hi I hope it's going well. I would have loved to be in an mbu coz I would b with my baby, and got good sleepown (better than at home). I was in a general Ward instead on my own


Hello TatumBrown

Just wondering how you are and whether you found the replies here helpful? I hope you are recovering wherever you may be.

Tale care.

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