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How long till I'm better?

I've started therapy had 3 sessions so far. I can have between 16 &24 sessions. My ad's have been increased to maximum dose. I'm having time together sessions with my baby to help us bond. And I have a support worker to take me and baby out once a week. My question is how long till I feel better? I wanna come off the antipsychotics coz they made me put on weight but I know I'm in no position to atm. I just wanna get better it's been a year now since I got Ill.

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Hello cas22

Good to hear from you. I'm glad the therapy sessions have started and plans in place to help you with your baby. I think recovery is different for everyone and it took me a while to find my feet but times have changed so much for the better now. Probably as you continue your therapy and feel comfortable with your baby, your confidence will build and you will feel much more able to cope.

Stay positive and take care.


Hi Cas22 and thanks for coming back to the forum and letting us know how you are getting on.

It sounds as if your counselling sessions and the time with a support worker is going well for you. I didn't access counselling after I had PP, but I had a great CPN who spent time with me at home and also took me out places, which I really benefitted from.

It's good to hear that your meds have been reviewed, and whilst I completely understand you wanting to come off the anti-psychotics (I was exactly the same!) you are right not to rush things. For me, taking meds was something that I felt hindered me at the time, and were a constant reminder of being ill. But i can now recognise how valuable they were to my recovery and that it was fine to take them. People take meds for all sorts of physical conditions, so I tried not to let it get me down. I took Olanzapine for a year, and Lithium for 3 years and I definitely noticed changes in how I felt when they were reduced and then stopped. Having a planned way, over time, of stopping them was the right thing, wiith hindsight.

I guess the question of when you will feel better is one which is hard to answer and will be a little different in each PP Mum. I felt better in some ways after a year, but it took longer to completely feel "back to normal", probably 18 months or more. It is also a very gradual thing in some ways, and there can be hiccups along the way. Trying not to rush it was the approach which worked for me - although I hated it at the time!

The important thing is that you will get better and I hope that some of the info on this site has been helpful and comforting to you, to see that others have also "travelled the road".

Take care, xx

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Dear Cas22,

it is lovely to hear from you and that you are doing so well, especially having help and support at hand!

I have not much time as I have to get my 6 year old son ready for school. Normality, part of my routine and I am a very happy mum, despite having had Psychosis. We all get better!!!

Coming from a teaching background I always wanted to set myself dead lines, but you can not do this when recovering from PPP. At least in my case, I have had to slow down and learn in stepping stones.

I took very traditional antidepressants, the new ones did not work,-this is something for the professionals to ponder about. Every case is so unique and doctors at the psychiatric mixed gender unit had quite a lot of difficulties with my needs and Psychosis.

I came off my drugs one year later, but then took an alternative route for my recovery, which was carefully monitored by my support network.

Good luck and all in time!



Hi Cas22,

Thanks for your question about how long recovery can take. Like you I didn't like taking the antipsychotics as I put on 2 stone but in retrospect they were what kept me afloat and I think I came off them too soon.

It takes a while for your mind to get better and it is very important that you only come off them with expert advice as they may be helping if you experience the depressive effect of pp too.

I think it took me a good couple of years until I felt mostly back to normal but I wouldn't rush or put any pressure on yourself to come off your meds until your doctors think it's appropriate.

Well done for reaching out for advice (you're braver than I was at the time!) and I wish you all the best.

Take care,



Hello cas22

Just wondering how you have been since you posted? Although it's early days, I hope your counselling sessions are helpful.

Take it easy ...... you will get there and we are all here for you in the meantime.


Hi Cas22, thinking of you and hoping that you are doing OK. Take care, xx


I feel for you. I put on a lot of weight too. I found myfitnesspal helped me to limit my portions but also teach me a lot about which foods are the most filling, and not starve myself. Exercise (just walking/skipping and a bit of jogging at the end) helped me not to feel too hungry. I could only lose weight when I was at the lowest dose of medicine, but I didn't have to wait to b off medicine completely, to start losing weight.


Hello cas22

Just wondering how you are. I hope things will be a little easier with half term next week.

Take care.


I've been bad again with the depression. I've retreated back to my bed which is safe. I'm avoiding the children at all costs so they are safe away from me. I'm having very disturbing thoughts and am waiting to see the psychiatrist again. he said he would change my Meds if I haven't improved in the last month. it's just another waiting game now.


Hello cas22

So sorry to hear you've been bad again. I can remember my bed being my safe place when I was struggling too. I hope you won't have long to wait to see the psychiatrist. It seems that getting the right balance of medication does make a difference. I hope your support worker is around to help you.

It is a waiting game and it might not seem possible right now but in time you will feel strong again. Trying to cope when you feel depressed is not easy and I well remember how awful my disturbing thoughts were so, like you, I retreated to my bed. I really hope your care team is doing everything to help you

Please keep in touch with us if it helps you to talk here ..... we are all here for you

Stay safe and take care.


Hello cas22, I'm so srry to hear that things have been tough. I hope that you can get another appointment to see the psychiatrist soon,do you still have a CPN or your counsellor to talk to?

As Lilybeth says, please do keep writing if it is helpful to you, and know that we are all thinking of you and wishing you the very best. Take care, you can get through this, xx


Hello cas22

I hope your weekend was ok. Do you still have support from your care co-ordinator and support worker? Is it possible for your GP to fast track your appointment with your psychiatrist as his input might make all the difference?

I remember feeling helpless and hopeless. It is a big struggle so I hope you are safe and have support around you.


Hi Cas22

I'm so sorry to hear that the depression has hit again. How are you feeling now? Was there anything that was a trigger? Sometimes I found something would bring me down and it helped to know that and try and avoid them. I do hope you're still getting all the support you need. I found just trying to fight it, even in the smallest way, really helped...like forcing myself to do things even though it was a huge struggle.

I'm thinking of you and really hoping you're getting the support you need. XX


Hello cas22

Just wondering how you are? I hope you have lots of support around you. Have you had any news about an appointment with your Psychiatrist?

Stay safe and take care


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