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Action on Postpartum Psychosis
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Love and kindness

I always like to send this forum and all the ladies some colours from my heart. Suffering is such a personal matter, yet it is easier to share and off load the pain with females who also have been in PPP footprints and thus, have that amazing compassion to help, support and advise. THANK YOU!!!

I have painted this picture and dedicated it to a dear loved one, who is suffering and fighting...it is called angles don't die...I know I am quite often pretty abstract with my emotional paintings, but you may see some angles flying about...

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Beautiful xx


Thank you ...... I hope your loved one is comforted by such expressive art and you feel supported by all the mums here.

Thinking of you ......


Big hug and thank you always x

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Thank you J-B-55

Wishing you well x


I really love your paintings Jasa, really beautiful, thanks so much for posting. And thank you for all your contribute to this forum too, it is such an amazing special place XX


Yes, I do agree. Keep safe x


How lovely - thanks for sharing x


Hello bluestarlady,

always happy to share.

Health and happiness x


Love this. Beautiful and striking. xxx


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