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Lets empower each other

For a long time when things didn't go to plan I tortured myself with the thoughts of "why me"...the other day I suddenly thought..."why not me"

I was in a very negative mind set for a very long time and although not to blame for PP certainly my way of thinking attracted more negativity into my life. I really do believe that by getting to the point of acceptance of what is happening, accepting where we are in our healing and trusting that out of this difficult situation only good will follow than we can all live in the hope of better days to come.

It is heart breaking to read some of the posts and the struggles people go through - if we can soothe our selves and treat ourselves with kindness rather than trying to push and rush recovery - affirm that "I am healing, all is well" - we play a big part in our own healing process the thoughts we think dictate our future.

I would like to invite as many of you as possible to post something positive to inspire others and reinforce that we are here to support, eg

"I treat myself with patience and kindness"

" I let go of the past and look forward to a wonderful future"

I look forward to reading your inspirational responses

Love from Butterfly1999 xx

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Hello Butterfly1999,

This is a lovely post, thankyou for sharing. It's great that this space exists so we can share experiences and chat, as well as support others as peers.

My thoughts on life after PP (not sure how inspirational they are, although hopefully on the right track!):

- PP is cruel and can strike anyone, it is not your fault. You can recover and get through this, stronger, happy and together with those that you love, and love you

- Perspective and hindsight are wonderful things. But you cannot change the past, only move on from it and learn from it. Perspective plays a huge part in my life now, some things are really not important when you have beaten a major illness.

- We are strong, we can do this. You can be YOU again!



I was diagnosed with severe pnd but I believe I am experiencing pp cause my experience is almost similar to everyone here ,I am glad I was supported by many strong mama's in here ,I thought I wouldn't make it 6 months ago and here I am getting my life back .it's a strong battle and it might take time but in the end we are the winners.we will appreciate our lives more and our beloved ones. Stay strong and you will get there

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