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Had PP & found APP in the last 4 years?

Had PP & found APP in the last 4 years?

Hi everyone, 

A big thank you to everyone who's completed our latest survey & given your feedback on APP's information & services so far. This gives real evidence to our funders of the importance of PP information & support to women & their families.  

We need your help - we haven't yet received enough responses from women who've had PP & found APP in the last 4 years. This is different from any previous surveys, so if you've completed one before, please complete this one too to give us a clearer picture of the impact of this project.

So if you came across APP in the last 4 years, have had PP & used any APP's services or information, please complete this survey as soon as possible:

Many thanks :-)

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Is this different to the PP, BME and diversity one?


Hi Deb12w, this is the 'Peer Support & Information Project Evaluation Survey 2012 - 2016' - the same one mentioned in the previous PP, BME, diversity post. We need as many PP women as possible to complete it, no matter what ethnicity. 

It'll only let you complete it once, so if you're not sure if you've done this one or not, just click on the link & complete it if it lets you proceed. Hope that helps. Many thanks :)


Hi Andrea,

hope you are fine!

Any chance of distributing the survey to other people in order to gain more voices?

I could ask Somerset Partnership or Health Visitors, who are based in the town nearby.

Or charities???? AT least raise some awareness about the funding and necessity to evidence the need of APP service...

Send my regards to the other ladies in the team.

Kind wishes, Sabine :-)


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