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Dear APP team and APP members (well over a 1000 now)!

As some of you probably know I have been supported by APP whilst getting prepared for my art exhibition and thus, raising awareness of Post Partum Psychosis. I exhibited my emotional paintings (55 pieces) for 2 weeks at Taunton Library in Somerset in the first 2 weeks of February.

Before PP my life has been full on and very busy-now my wheel is turning slower and I speak to my subconscious and trying to listen to my body in order to keep my mental and physical health in balance. (not always easy when suffering with fear and anxiety)

Obviously every cause has got a consequence! The illness has certainly changed my outlook of life. Nothing stays the same, we are constantly rejuvenating, learning and living. I have had to self-reflect, re-discover and scaffold and certainly accept my newly acquired role positioning not only as mum, - hey I even can call myself an artist now. I never had that confidence or believe since I got poorly.

Below the picture demonstrates the cycle of life. It seems to turn faster when you gain more maturity. I do not use a watch, but I am conscious of the context of time on this platform/mother earth. Appreciate your existence, discover and enjoy your purpose...You all have done exceptionally well! I am not sure what is beyond, but I believe in energy around and kindness to yourself in order to send out positive energy!

Wishing the APP team the best of luck with their bidding!

Health and happiness for all those wonderful ladies on this website.


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Hi Sabine

I just love this piece of artwork, it conveys exactly what you describe in your post.

I am in awe of your incredible talent and am so pleased that you have joined this network of amazing women.

Best wishes

Val x

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Thank you, Val. I am so happy that I've found a retreat and a place where some wonderful people exchange experiences and obviously their compassion. I thought I was living on a lost planet, but also did not expect loved ones or friends to completely understand my dilemma ...

Take care and just thank you for being you...

Kind wishes, Sabine

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