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Metoclopramide and PP?



I was recently lucky enough to fall pregnant again after suffering PP in 2013 with my first son. I had no previous mental health problems other than a short episode of stress/depression in 2010. In 2013, I had bad morning sickness and so was prescribed metoclopramide, which I took for 2 months during the first trimester. It didn't seem to make much difference but I worried about how bad the sickness would be if I stopped! Anyway, this time I asked the doctor for something different to help the sickness but he again prescribed metoclopramide. I now work in mental health and my manager (a CPN) looked into alternatives for me online. She made me aware that metoclopramide had anti-psychotic properties and that last year the guidance had changed for pregnancy and stated that it should not be prescribed for longer than 5 consecutive days. I'd already been taking it for 2 weeks at that points so I stopped taking it straight away. I know google is sometimes a dangerous thing but I've done a bit of digging since then and it seems there is a link (however small) between metoclopramide and psychosis so I was interested to see if there were other mums out there who experienced PP after taking this anti sickness medication?


Jo :-)

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Hello JoLou80

Thanks for coming to the forum. Congratulations on your second pregnancy although I'm sorry you are having morning sickness which must be awful.

I was very fortunate that my sickness during pregnancy was 'manageable' so I didn't take anti-sickness medication and also my PP episodes were so long ago.

I'm not sure if the website will be helpful for you to have a look at. This gives details of mental health medication and different side effects. There will be other mums here able to be more helpful.

Try not to worry and take time to rest.

Thank you for replying lilybeth. I'm actually over the morning sickness now and starting to enjoy the 2nd trimester but thank you. I was just interested to see if there were many other pp sufferers who had taken metoclopramide in early pregnancy.

Jo x

LilybethVolunteer in reply to JoLou80

Hi JoLou

That's good to hear you're over the morning sickness. I'm sure other mums here will interested in your post and give you their advice.

Take very good care and rest while you can ........

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