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2nd time pp


So I had just posted my story of how i went through ppp after 1yr 1 month feeling great i have to say yesterday i felt like it was coming back again. :( I felt really overwhelmed stress and felt sad. Suddenly i just started crying to my husband and felt like i couldnt breath i felt like screaming crying It felt like if i was loosing it :( . My husband quickly called my mom she prayed for me and thanfuly it all went away. It was so scary knowing it was coming back. Now I feel like if it can come back any day now. How was your 2nd ppp what where some signs??? What should I do?

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Hello agonzalez1323,

I was just about to reply to your original post and then saw this one. Thanks for sharing you story and talking so honestly about how are you feeling. Recovery from PP can be gradual and a worrying time, like you I remember all too well if I had a bad day, or was tired or stressed, I had the heart racing, wanting to scream, and felt scared that I might be "losing it" again.

I am not a medical expert at all but it sounds similar to a panic or anxiety attack what you just experienced. I am pleased to hear that your partner and Mum were able to help you and it "went away". I would also encourage you to speak to a health professional and honestly share your concerns and experiences. Your mum or partner could also perhaps support you in this.

Are you still taking medication from your initial PP? This may be something that could be reviewed. I know when I was taking meds I was desperate to stop them and go back to "normal" but it really helped me to recover knowing that it was a combination of many things keeping me on the right track.

You mention in your initial post a couple of places which sound to be in the US. I am in the UK so can't offer much information on the type of support you could access. It's so variable here too but I know that i have an excellent GP doctor who I could go and talk to about any worries in recovery and he would refer me on to specialists if needed. I also had specialist psychiatric involvement for 3 years after my PP in 2009. It's not as relevant to this post as your last one, but I did have a 2nd child in 2013 and stayed well, as like you I'd had no mental health history before or indeed since.

I hope you are feeling better and having chance to relax and get any support you need today. Keep talking to us if it's helping and take care, xx

Hi agonzalez1323

I have experienced something very similar sounding recently and felt out of touch with reality. It was more of an anxiety attack and I think I paniced worrying that pp was coming back. I saw my gp straight away- they were brilliant when we explained on the phone- and they increased my meds and got me seen within a day by my psychiatric team. They described it as a blip and confirmed that it was anxiety related and a warning. They have been monitoring me closely and I feel great. 5his happened about 6 weeks ago and I remember how worried myself and my family felt but we were reassured b6 the team and we all feel much more positive. It just serves to remind you that you have to take care of yourself and listen to your body. It also reminds you that it can be a long road to recovery. I do hope you're feeling better soon xx

Yes it sounds more like a panic attack. And it's normal to worry it might come back (for some time). But if you get into a very anxious state, you can almost imagine it is happening and bring on similar symptoms. Doesn't sound like you lost touch with reality, so try not to worry. Next time that happens try to deep breathe and tell yourself you will be fine maybe. And make sure you have someone to talk to about your fears and lots of mental health support.

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