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Studies? And Thank You

First Thank You all for this site! It has helped so much just knowing others are out there! Every post resistant with me in some way and lets me know my thoughts and feelings are legitimate (or understandable).

I'm (we're) 4 years post PP and I am wondering if there have been any Brain Studies on PP patients or medical follow up in general (besides this amazing forum of course). My (our) experience was to take the drug for 17 months come off of it and "resume" "normal" programming. I still go to my psychologist once a month, but that is all my doing because it helps.

Many post say "can't get back to normal", "less confident", "should I be feeling this way" etc

So I am wondering besides this site and the wonderful people behind it, is anyone doing anything as follow up after PP? I feel as though we PP mamas have been left to fend for ourselves after the initial diagnoses and drug regiment. It may be different in the UK. Here in the US it feels like "oh your fine now, stop talking about that, move on" and the dreaded "Let it Go" (darn you Frozen!)

Thanks for any insight into this question.

To all of you, keep fighting the good fight, you are worth it, your child is worth it, and all those who support you are worth it!

Much Love,


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Nah I've found it's pretty much the same over here. I'm 3.5yrs post pp and ppd and find its ok to talk about it (apart from me feeling a well of emotions build up when I talk about my personal experiences #minorpoint!).

I don't feel like its a matter of don't talk about it but it does become less impactful on my life as time goes by. It has forever changed me but in some ways for the better. I think this forum is just great because I come from a small town and though I guess there must be a couple of people here who've experienced similar there's no way I'd be able to find them.

I reckon some kind of actual community support group/network group would be the next step. Personally I don't go to a psychologist though I can see the potential benefit it's more a time and money thing. I have found counsellors have helped me make sense of it more in the past and know they're there if/when I need them again. And the support of family and friends and this forum is invaluable so thanks!


I snickered at the let it go part of your post because my mom actually quoted the frozen song when trying to get me to move on from my feelings about PP. it seemed so insensitive!

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UK, US, I think it's all pretty hit and miss with support and treatment for PP sadly. I can only hope it will get better as time goes on, and in my area of the UK, there have been some improvements but still no perinatal service as yet!

I too giggled at "Let it Go" bravesurvivor411... I bet there are tons of parents out there cursing that song for one reason or another!

Take care, it's good to hear you're still getting some support K8Stack.

And that amyfj you are finding the passage of time helpful, I think it does lessen although is always there somehow. As with everything, it seems to be getting a balance.



Hi K8Stack

Thanks for your post.

I am at a similar stage as you - 4 years on since I had PP.

I think I have come to terms with the fact that it will always be with me, and that is a positive and negative thing. If anyone shows any sympathy for me I tend to well up (for example the other week a complete stranger in the street, when I told them, gave me this huge heartfelt hug I did shed a few tears) - yet I feel fully recovered in other ways - happy, loving being a mum, working...

Your post is interesting though, as I am considering having some psychotherapy to just help me process everything that happened. I haven't been offered this by health professionals (I'm not part of any mental health team now) but I am lucky in that my work give bursaries / donations for different things, including health issues etc.

Like for most women on here this forum has been instrumental in my full recovery and feeling as well as I do - in terms of not feeling shame, guilt, and isolation, to fully recover and come to terms with what happened, and also for something positive to come out of it.

I hope that you continue to recover well too,



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