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Ect ?

What's ect ?

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Hi Kirstielou

ECT is electric current therapy (I think that's the exact name). It's when you have electric currents through your brain. Some people have had it here and say it was very beneficial.

Hope that's helpful? I haven't had it myself but others may be able to say more if you want to know anymore.


I've had ECT on 3 separate occasions. My experience of it is very positive . It works extremely well for me whereas medication doesn't. I had PPP 24 years ago after the birth of my son and had ECT. I then had after a manic depression episode 16 years ago and then again last year during an extremely bad episode of depression. I had been put on antidepressants and Lithium but they didn't work. After a suicide attempt I was finally given ECT. Within 2 sessions i was more or less back to normal and after 5 was absolutely fine. Am now off the antidepressants and am cutting down the lithium and will be off it in 2 weeks. Its done under general anaesthetic so you are unaware of whats happening. It does cause temporary memory loss . I couldn't remember where my coffee was kept and am still finding out stuff that happened at that time that I have no recollection of. However its temporary and it comes back. I think if i hadn't had ECT it would have taken a lot longer for me to get better.


Hello Kirstielou

I had PP in the mid 70's and early 80's following PP. I wasn't responding to medication and was given a number of sessions of ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) for each episode as a last resort as I was very ill.

Thankfully ECT proved to be more effective than medication. Reading my notes it seems I was treated at home with my second PP but hospitalised to psychiatric general care in times of crisis. At such times I was given more ECT and also suffered from depression which lasted almost a year. Eventually I fully recovered and am very grateful for the care I received.


Hi Kirstielou09

Ect is a form of treatment for severe depression. I have had courses of it following PP. There are different types and it is worth discussing with the consultant psychiatrist if this is something they are considering for you what options you have? It is generally only used if medication isn't working quickly enough. 'Electric Convulsion Therapy, it sounds scary but without it I wouldn't be well today.

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